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  1. It will be as relevant as modern methods of distribution of manufactured products and the principles of enrichment will remain relevant.

    The problem isn't with robots – it's with people. And this is what you need to understand first.

    In addition to solving the problem of distribution according to the principle of social communism, at this stage we will have to solve something else: the issue of global and radical re-education of humanity. Strugatsky warned about these problems in the early 60s:Хищ Predatory things of the century

    If someone who is interested in this question has not read it yet , I strongly recommend reading it. If you read it and don't understand anything, I recommend that you don't ask such questions and quietly die out as a representative of a subspecies that has lagged behind evolution.

    And the very question of the relevance of unemployment is almost irrelevant today.

  2. Not so long ago, similar predictions such as “we will be out of work and starve to death” were given in relation to automated lines.
    And before that-конвей conveyors.
    And before that-steam engines.
    And before that-machines.
    In general, they were right: people no longer need to work from morning to night for some thread spinning wheel or something like that. The efficiency of labor has increased, people need much less to produce the same amount of goods, and people have found things more interesting and less difficult. Although working on the assembly line is also not sugar.
    But back to the robots. Yes, in those industries where everything will be robotic, people will work much less.
    But this does not mean that everyone will be completely unemployed.

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