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  1. Artisanal drugs are made using mercury and acetone. Cleaning is extremely low-35% against 99.98% laboratory. Naturally, all this chemistry not only poisons the body, but also literally eats away at the brain. On the MRI of an avid drug addict, you can find entire voids in the brain. In addition, drugs disrupt the biochemistry of the brain. For example, due to strong exposure, the receptors become less sensitive. Therefore, over time, drug addicts need more doses, and when canceled, mental illnesses begin, since the natural production is no longer enough to affect the burned-out receptors and rehabilitation takes a very long time.

  2. The influence of heroin is incredibly serious, perhaps this is one of the few drugs whose name you will type in the search engine and, by clicking on the link in the “HARM” section, you will read the true TRUTH (Except that about the early onset of death after constant use. There are many cases where people have been using heroin regularly for 30 to 40 years)

    SURPRISINGLY, but it sounds stupid, nevertheless, it is a fact proven by scientists.�
    The use of AMPHETAMINE in quantities of a MEDICAL DOSE of 60-80mg. and no more than 1-2 times a month, causes an IMPROVEMENT in MEMORY and a number of positive subtleties that I don't remember, Google it

    With regard to THC-containing products, this has an exceptionally negative effect. (NATURALLY, WITH SYSTEMATIC USE), if this happens once a month, there will be no pronounced effect. It's just that the essence of the effect is that YOU purposefully get a little stupid, it DOESN't pass by the cash register.

    Roughly speaking, I can say the same about DHA (it is difficult to imagine its regular use at all, for an amateur, and toler) Observe the dosage and DO NOT abuse it, then you will NOT fall into the risk group.

    MDMA is not an exception (the essence is the same as in the paragraph above, except for the tendency, because everyone likes mdma)

  3. To begin with, we will divide them into short classes stimulants, antidepressants and hallucinagens, in principle, if used briefly, then any drug can increase the level of thinking and memory, if any hallucinagens, then here you can get an experience of a new perception of the world on this topic there are many articles, the main problem of drugs is the inability of the brain to get the necessary neurotransmitters over time without them in the brain, in fact, any drug can be called a drug, if it affects the nervous system, the question is why they are not legalized, because there are social norms, that is, the state needs to control people, this is one of the options why in different countries the legalization of different substances is different, another problem is that people at the source if you look at envy people who live easily, that is, for example, rich people are not very fond of because they think that they do nothing, too, and with drug addicts people say that they sit on the needle for fun and so on because they get pleasure and those work until they lose their pulse and people do not feel justice, the drug itself in a small amount affects a person not so much, roughly speaking, stimulants such as cocaine can increase the heart rate and blood pressure and affect neurotransmitters, but also approximately from the point of view of exhaustion occurs during physical overload and so on so this is not an argument, to sum up, drugs are generally bad, the only justification that they will be used is only in clinical settings.

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