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  1. Answering such questions in a single message is pure masochism, since the topic is complex and extensive, first, to be understood, second, to be explained, and third, to be stated concisely. I will only say that the brain is a very complex complex that has not been fully studied, working according to absolutely mind – boggling laws at the micro and macro levels, and to say that it works according to one given program, and that we live according to this program, means not to respect this great creation of nature and evolution.

    If you are really interested, I advise you to read V. Shulgovsky's textbook “Fundamentals of Neurophysiology” for students of humanities universities. Zaumi is not there. The main thing is desire. e-reading.club

  2. The most difficult question at the intersection of biology, philosophy and IT. Here IT is in the explanation and will help.

    The brain is the most complex organic computer, and our consciousness is its operating system. Our skills and instincts are applications, utilities, and drivers. With operational and stationary memory, everything is already clear, almost a complete analogy. The “protocols” of our computer have not yet been fully clarified, and as soon as they find out, a cyber revolution will occur: the brain will easily interface with its “silicon” counterparts, all sorts of devices and gadgets, and will be subject to an upgrade.

    The brain of animals-accordingly, the computer is simpler, weaker, “pulls” only simple operating systems and primitive programs. Conventionally, the human brain is the latest Intel and AMD, the animal brain is at best a Pentium III.:)

    Accordingly, the destruction of the computer (death) means (and Obviously) that its OS will no longer be able to start.

    However, some esoteric optimists believe that in the case of a person, “cloud technologies” are involved, and the destruction of our computer (death) does not mean anything: a backup is saved in the “cloud”. And even better: the brain is just a receiving device, our consciousness is on an indestructible heavenly server, that is, we are such avatars. In general, it is close to the religious view of the same issue, only presented in a modern way.

    “Everyone, everyone believes in the best” – no human mind is capable of accepting the finiteness of its existence…

    Well, a scientific view of the problem-please, all popular science books and just textbooks on neurophysiology are at your service. I recommend, for example, the works of academician Mikhail Piradov.

  3. I agree: this question cannot be answered in a single message. And it is not necessary when there are fascinating books on this topic. For example,” We are our brain ” by Dick Swaab (director of the Dutch Brain Institute), he is the author of many science books, this particular one is read in one breath. I hope you enjoy it!

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