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  1. Believe me, before death, all your senses become more acute, and you will all feel, let's approach the question from the other side, where does death begin? What is dead can not die, and therefore you must first consider life.Life is birth, existence, and death.
    An episode in which one of the above is excluded ceases to be called life, and accordingly the use of this word as a question or statement loses its absolute meaning.
    Unfortunately, the birth process takes place without our participation, that is, we are not able to influence it. When we first see the world after birth, we can't understand whether we were given a second chance, or whether we were pulled out of a more beautiful place where we were completely happy and without attachment to space and time, erased our memory and sent on a mission.
    Existence is not absolute, but directly depends on ourselves, we write the script of our own life, if not, then it should be so. It is worth understanding that for all the time of our existence, we must, we must be friends, love, fulfill promises, help, take care, learn, teach, and be interested….. All this directly affects the quality of our existence, the most important stage of life entering the threshold of which in a moment you find yourself at the end of the road.
    Death comes at the moment when you stop waiting for it, the only thing you can do is to meet it with dignity. At the moment when the forces leave our bodies, a certain amount of charge of neurons remains in the head, which sweeps through all the convolutions of the brain. Here the expression is appropriate: life flashed before your eyes. Feeling this is very important to feel a sense of calm and satisfaction because the process is not reversible, it is only necessary to stop the frame at the happiest moment of life, maybe that is why neurotransmitters show us all our life giving us the choice to die with a smile, or with regret.
    What does it matter what happens after your death, live your life so that people remember your life and not your death, if you do not need a sharp sense of self-importance, then you do not need to remember you, let them just remember human actions

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