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  1. Interesting question!

    I've been interested in this since I was a child. And others ask it, but they all answer it differently.

    To answer it, just imagine! You've already become smart!

    What then? How will your life change?

    Do you have an answer?

    I'll continue…

    And what is “life”, is there an answer?

    My answer: life is the process of solving problems that arise in a person's life: find a friend/girlfriend, get an education, find a good job, become an excellent specialist, build a house, start a family, and so on.

    Now back to your question…

    Smart – probably someone who knows about these tasks and knows how to solve them, or can learn how to solve any tasks. While making fewer mistakes than stupid!

    A reasonable person is someone who knows how to learn from the mistakes of others and their own. Therefore, the number of errors it has is getting smaller and smaller!

    Let's sum up the results:

    1. Stupid – the one who makes mistakes one after another and does not even think about it, does not know;
    2. Smart – someone who was taught to solve certain problems with a minimum number of mistakes (excellent student);
    3. Very smart – someone who can learn to solve any problem without making mistakes and without being afraid of it (professional);
    4. A reasonable person is one who constantly learns from the mistakes of others and his own, while the number of mistakes he makes becomes less and less.

    Is everything clear?

    If not, read fairy tales about the stupid and wise.

    All reasonable things!

  2. Answer your questions:

    What makes you think you're not smart?

    Why do you need to get smarter?

    When you have answered, we proceed to the following points::

    Write down on paper or in a text file what you do all the time. In relation to each case, ask yourself the following questions: “How to do it better?”, ” What to add, what to refuse?” Write down your responses.

    Answer the following questions in writing: “What are my beliefs?”, ” What do I believe, what do I know about the world, about people?” Are there any contradictions between my beliefs, and if so, how do I resolve them?

    Write a list of skills that you would like to acquire. Choose the 1st item from the list, find training materials (book, audio or video tutorials) – minimal, no options, no perfectionism, and complete the course. After that, go to step 2, and so on.

    Once every 2-3 months, go back to your notes and plans, reread them with a fresh head.

  3. Good time of day. There are two possibilities – to be smart in practical terms: to know such things as: wiring, paying for meters, laying tiles, buying good vegetables and fruits at the market, etc.To do this, you need to discard all speculative theories and comprehend life here and now, i.e. learn useful skills, apply them and gain life experience.

    The second possibility is to be intelligent in terms of speculative reasoning, which always allows you to think about something or discuss something (religion, miracles, metaphysics, social theories). To do this, you can read interesting and accessible books: for example, the synthesis of philosophy and fiction. There are many examples: from the Strugatskys to Pelevin. Some works in the context of synthesis generally loosen the framework of genre affiliation: look at Burroughs, but what is the work “House of Leaves”worth? So the choice is as big as possible everywhere.

  4. What for? Have you not seen how beautiful people's faces are, not disfigured by intelligence, how radiant their eyes are, not clouded by meaning? Reject this dangerous thought! Being smart is too burdensome. Even unnatural! Almost illegal. In Russia, this is a stigma.

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