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  1. It is impossible to respond without a specific attachment to the person. But if you need universal advice, then you should start by looking at the silhouettes of clouds and trees. With a healthy mind, this exercise expands the associative horizon. Children have a desire to learn, socialization improves. Then move on to crosswords. Look for companions.�

    Knowledge without transmission is useless knowledge.

  2. Next – sofa fantasy is not very smart.

    Co-image means to link, associate images. Images are just pictures that represent real things in your head. The basis of this binding is comparison, juxtaposition. Probably, the consideration can be developed by comparing, comparing everything with everything that came to hand. Since this only happens in the imagination, it is not dangerous-an educational game. Come up with synonyms for words, try to imagine which” family ” the subject you are looking at belongs to. At first, all sorts of absurdities will turn out – you will unsuccessfully search for the relationship of a snowman and a herring. But gradually develops a sense of valid semantic connections, stretching from different sides of things to other things. This is the essence of smartness – to see the topic in different aspects, in ambiguity, in a bundle of relationships and, as a result, to find on the fly the hidden relationship of a couple or more things that” quite accidentally ” happened to be next to each other in one situation.

    By the way, educational games were the same. A poetry game, for example, when everyone adds a line to a given topic, turning the topic in different aspects. Well, something more modern probably exists.

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