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  1. You don't have to” intentionally ” force yourself to believe. This is a practical question, not a theoretical one. For me, in general, the existence of God was once just a theory, and I tested it. And suddenly, God is there.

    Do this:

    Gather your thoughts and have a serious and real conversation with God. And talk to Them in this way (this is an example, speak in your own words): “God, I didn't know you, but I want to change that. I want you to meet me. I'm a sinner, I can't really be a better person myself. I believe that Jesus Christ is God who died for my sins. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.” Well, then as you agree) You'll get a response from Him, and you'll know it.

  2. The answer is obvious. Read the Bible, pray regularly, go to church, communicate with the priests, and sooner or later the process of suggestion will bear fruit.

  3. The easiest and most reliable way for an atheist to believe in God: Go to the temple, and mentally say the phrase:

    God, open up to me and I will serve you for the rest of your life.

    It works, and after some time, events will begin to occur in your life that clearly and unambiguously prove the existence of God and His providence for us.

    But remember, there will be no turning back to atheism. Either you accept God completely, or you reject Him completely.

  4. Faith in God begins with the realization that there is an axiom in being: – “If life ended in Death, it would have no meaning.”

    Only in this case do you begin to understand the meaning of what the famous social scoffer noticed: -“Death is placed at the end of life in order to prepare for it more conveniently.”

    And only in this case does life take on a vital meaning: “… you must be born again … “(Jn.3: 7), – free from “chaotic and senseless terror”! Without any self-compulsion, for this is the MEANING of Life!

    As you can see, only in this case a person does not have time for temptations – it is so stressful to prepare himself for Eternal Life … in the abodes of Love, the essence is to be born again!

  5. Good evening, Anna.

    Most importantly, do not despair in your difficult life situation. Know that the all-loving Lord is near you and He is always ready to lend you a helping hand. The main thing is that you want to do everything possible for this.. In order for you to gradually gain Christian faith in God try to do the following:

    1. First of all, of course, you need to repent before God for various sins that are dragging you to the bottom. Think about what is depressing you, where you were wrong, who you offended, whether you were angry with the whole world at any time, whether you did not consider God to be responsible for all the troubles. It is very important. When you remember all the bad things you've done and start to repent from the bottom of your heart, God's grace will make you feel better. You can repent like this: God forgive me for such and such a sin, and help me not to commit It again. Do not forsake me, O just God, your sinful servant.. If you can't say it from the bottom of your heart, you can shorten it to “Lord forgive me for such and such a sin”.

    2. If you have a positive experience after the first such confession, you can try repeating it every day at a certain time. Of course, if you have the moral strength and your heart will want it very much. You should also begin to observe yourself intensely, that is, try not to sin. If you can control yourself, the Lord will bring you even closer to Himself. While fighting your inner evil, make simple prayers. For example, you can say Lord help or Lord have mercy. Whenever it makes you feel better, thank the Lord from the bottom of your heart with the words “Thank you, God, for having mercy on me.” You can also always say “Lord help me out of Your love”when it is difficult for you.

    3. Pick up the New Testament more often, especially the Gospel. Read a little, but several times a day. But do this most importantly with attention and with a sincere heart. If you do not understand something, do not stop there, but go further. Gradually, you will discover the meaning of those lines that you don't understand yet. You can also refer to this resource: http://bible.optina.ru/new:mf:04:09 …..


    I won't advise you anything else yet, because I think that if you do it, it will be easier for you. But again, you don't have to be sure that this or something similar will help you right away. You must not have confidence, but trust in the mercy of God, in His holy will.. It happens quite often when the Lord does not give us what we ask for for a long time in order to test us and bring us closer to Himself. The Gospel contains parables on this subject. Therefore, the main thing is not to back down and believe.

    There is still an important point here. These measures can help when you are leaning towards Christianity in your heart, if you accept that Christianity is a faith from God. If you are drawn to another religion, then I am afraid you will not be able to do what I wrote to you from the bottom of your heart. It also matters whether you were baptized as a child or not. If you don't, it will certainly complicate the situation, but I think you will still feel relieved if you are not baptized. If you are drawn into such a life, you can also be baptized in any Church.. I won't recommend which one. Now this is not the most important thing, but the main thing is for you to take the first step on the path to God, to know His love and goodness, and then the Lord will help you to make the right choice…

    That's all. What I have written is only a small part of what you need to do to live with God, but everything great begins with a small part. God help you. If you have any questions about the answer, please write to us. I will be sincerely glad to help you.

    All the best to you..

  6. You were forced to be an atheist and now you accept ideological violence as the norm. In other words, to accept God, you need violence.

    Answer: “Just try to give up violence, then it will be enough for you to find the answer to your question.”

  7. I would like to tell you my story. I grew up in a Christian family, I heard about God from childhood and believed that He exists, but when I grew up, I was drawn to the street: drinking, smoking, night walks, etc. I became very angry, cruel, proud, I fell in love with a lot of sins. This went on for a long time; my family often reminded me that life on earth is very short, and after death there is not just emptiness and lack of being, there is an eternity that a person will spend either with God or with the devil, to whom he obeyed, committing all sorts of sins. God was knocking on my heart through my relatives, and through the circumstances too-it was that I was severely poisoned by alcohol, my relatives thought that I would die. But God gave me my life.

    One day I started to think about it, and I decided to look at the testimonies of people who had experienced supernatural things in their lives: someone was addicted to drugs, and God helped them get out of this hole; someone was cured by God of an incurable disease; someone even died, but God brought him back to life. This greatly touched my callous heart. I understood that I was separated from God by my sins. My family offered to pray to God: I asked God for forgiveness for my sins, and God also helped me put my relations with my neighbors in order, because I caused everyone a lot of pain. And you know, God came to the rescue and helped me put away my sins. I tried to give up a lot of things myself, but I came back again, and God set me free. This strengthens faith in Him.

    I also started reading the Bible. The Bible is the word of God, which provides guidance for all people on how to act while living on earth; the Bible contains answers to all vital human questions. I am simply advising you by my own example that God has made and is making changes in my life. The Bible consists of two parts (the Old and New Testaments), it is better to start reading from the New Testament. Turn to God in a simple prayer in Your own words, ask Him to open up to you, to help you find faith. You see, faith in God is not just to believe that He exists, faith in God is when there are changes in a person's life: he was evil, he became kind; he was greedy, he became generous, he used to carry insults in himself, and God taught him to forgive and much more. God can really completely change a person's life and free them from any addictions and from any sins. For God, there are no hopeless situations, He really wants everyone to turn to Him with all their needs and problems. The most important thing in the life of any person is to be reconciled to God for all the wrong things in your life, to receive forgiveness of your sins, and to live until the end of your life, observing God's commandments, and God also helps a person in earthly matters and difficulties.

    I also want to share links to testimonies that I really like. May God help you find It:

    Viktor Reznikov – was mortally wounded, died, but God brought him back to life

    Sergey Enichev-was a drug addict, but God released him; today he works as the head of centers that deal with help in the same way that Sergey once was.

    Peter Gaidich – God healed him of an incurable kidney disease

  8. If you are a mandatory person, plan everything in life, it will not be difficult. But even if it doesn't,it will work. Here is an invitation from Jesus:”Eternal life consists in knowing you,the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent”(John 17: 3). This is the beginning of Jesus ' prayer to his Father. They both want us to know about them.

    You need to know as much as possible about the subject of your faith,as well as love. You wouldn't marry just because some people think well of him,would you?” Agree, the more you learn worthy, the more you fall in love. So it is with God.

    For 70 years, everyone in Russia has been officially taught atheism. We must try. Pray and read the Bible a little bit every day without missing out and get all the answers. God will definitely help you. I wish you spiritual success.

  9. St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans

    10: 17. So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

    You need to read the Word of God, watch sermons, read the Church fathers in order to understand the Scriptures, and not follow false teachers.

  10. Hello! Faith in God is individual for each of us. No one can force you to do this by force. If you want to do it yourself, you can start by reading the Bible in full and emphasizing what is important for you. And when it is possible, start attending a church or temple.

  11. Turn to God-Lord, if You exist, grant me to understand this so that I can serve You. One must reflect and have the intention to serve the Lord.It is good to pray with such words more than once. “Lord, make me Your servant.””perhaps in those words. It is good to force yourself to read the book of St. John Chrysostom “Conversations on the Gospel of Matthew”.Chrysostom lived in the late 300s and early 400s.In Orthodoxy, he is called the universal teacher.For many people, the real faith began after these conversations.I will write my experience,I was 27 years old,I understood that God exists, but my faith was very weak, I lived like everyone else, and I was tired of everything, because I was very compressed by external circumstances,in short, a complete crisis. I went on a trip from the church to the glorification of St. Theodore of Sanaksar,on the way we stopped in Vyshi and Diveyevo.Near the relics of the saints who were visited, I asked the saints to pray to God for me, so that the Lord would give me faith,which happened in the near future.The Lord always presents proofs in abundance.Peace be with you.

  12. It's probably impossible to make yourself believe. Yes, such attempts will not bring anything good and God probably does not need them.

    Faith can only come from a sincere desire for the sacred, the holy, the eternal, the need for a God of Love. If you have such a desire, you can just start going to church and get spiritually educated. And then God will guide you and strengthen your faith.

  13. You won't be forcibly nice. You can't grow it artificially anyway. And is it necessary? If there is a need , there will be Faith and Understanding.

    And if your question is like this, then you don't need this faith right now. At least not yet. Or something is wrong with the proposed concepts)))

  14. I was lucky. I had an atheist upbringing. Then I became deeply involved in yoga. Yoga has significantly expanded my experience of knowing myself and the world. With her help, I touched the spiritual world and fell in love with it.

    This happens naturally. Forcing yourself is pointless.

    You have a high and strong soul once you have a need for the sacred, holy and immutable. Everything will come. In the natural order. Gradually.

    You just have to be careful. I call them bells. Suddenly, in the midst of the flow of life, a silver bell rings in the soul – here it is! A miracle in the middle of life.

    Injuries, dangers, trials – everything is temporary. They pass. These are all lessons, sometimes cruel (as they are perceived).

  15. Everyone believes in God in one way or another. So the Lord God created it.

    But under the influence of false teaching, a person tends to deny the truth and the truth. This influence is possible from parents, schools, society, the media, propaganda of godlessness.

    If a person is told 1000 times that a lie is true, they will believe it.

    What to do?

    Limit yourself from the flow of lies, propaganda, violence, godlessness, move away from sin and everything that inclines to sin. As much as possible.

    And read more and be enlightened by the Divine teaching. Read the New Testament, Psalms, and books of Church Teachers.

    These actions strengthen a person's spirit and faith in God.

  16. Unfortunately, there are few ways. But you can just read more religion (the Bible, testaments), pray morning and evening, and do all this for a month or two. So it will become a habit for you, let's say, and you will believe it yourself))

  17. Believers write that Faith is a gift from God ( which means unbelief, by the way). That is, you must ask God to give you faith in Him (“ask and it will be given to you” – Christ). Omniscient. God knows at the stage of thought – it is not necessary to voice it; but to ask repeatedly = to doubt His omniscience. The deadline for execution is not specified.

  18. And why? To believe in general is harmful. For your wallet – almost always. and often – and for health. So why force yourself to believe, and even intentionally? To be deceived? What does faith promise? And what god? There are many gods, you know. Every believer will be foaming at the mouth to claim that it is his faith, his God, that is true (his gods are true). Well, what will it prove? The point is that faith is faith, not knowledge. It is not based on knowledge. And it exists only where there is no exact knowledge. You don't believe that two and two make four. You KNOW this, and you know it for sure, and you can always prove it. So think – do you need it?

  19. Faith is something that comes from within, not from without. That is why it is absolutely pointless to talk about injuries and other irrelevant issues. It's simple – not only do you not understand this world, but you don't even want to. Therefore, faith is a necessity for you.

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