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  1. You asked too vague a question. In general, it can be answered as follows: first, to calm the mind, you should start a moral life. I don't mean that you are immoral. I mean, no matter what stage it is, you always have something to improve on.

  2. Fiction is best suited for this purpose. You just need to read books not in snatches, but for a long time at once: say, three times for two hours a day if it's a weekend, and once for two hours if it's a weekday.

  3. Clarify the meaning of words (find the components of their definitions, practice using them correctly, and understand their origin). Work out, study �popular logic textbook. Train your attention… there are exercises… whatever you find. The simplest thing, for example: find two objects a couple of meters away from you at a noticeable distance from each other. Decide to focus on one, look at it, decide to let it go and let it go, decide to find the second one and direct your attention to it, keep your attention on it, decide to let it go… etc. If you want to stop , go on. Break through the wave of sleepiness. When it clears up, you can finish. Decide that you will finish soon, make a couple more switches and finish. It will take at least fifteen minutes.

  4. look for books on the discipline of general semantics, this roughly speaking “scientific method” that will help you rebuild “false” estimates�

    well-learned misinformation and inefficiency plays a significant role in learning, and as a rule,
    it is not easy to forget it.

  5. I really wanted to make a funny joke, a lot of questions are so objective, and I wonder what people expect to answer, but on the other hand, even in the rules it is written that short and concise questions are welcome.

    And now I would like to give you a hint, but I don't even know what your mess means, it's somewhat similar to modern medicine, when the patient doesn't understand, and the doctor throws piles of drugs in the hope that something will help.

    In general, I don't even understand what exactly you mean by a mess, because a mess can mean that you can't get together, think about some things, a lot of things have accumulated, but I don't mean to throw out/clean, but just “put things in order”, after all this it's hard to believe, but I think what I will write will help if

    To begin with, take the message of that mess, remember everything that has accumulated, sort it out, find common points, think without being distracted from different sides, watch TEDx/Jacques Fresco/Randy James, they are good at changing how a person thinks for the better, these video materials will help stimulate the brain if you usually do not load it, after watching for a week, making your own conclusions, first of all, you will distract yourself because that would not just listen but have a picture of the history of some video in your head, you can not be distracted, this is a kind of psychological brainstorm, most likely, you will understand new views on familiar things and will be able to make better decisions, and you will not have a mess in your head in the future, also sometimes I use notes on my laptop for example, of course to train, but there are things that need to be remembered, but psychologically they do not provide us with any joy or something positive and the brain quickly throws out such information, and as I think you need to be able to train your brain correctly, I will be glad if I can help you in the future, but unfortunately I wrote objectively because of the relevant question, and what I wrote as a warm-up, so as not to break down on something difficult later.

  6. The cause of confusion in the head (and also in the world) is the wrong perception of people themselves and the world.

    Also causes of confusion are:

    1) The availability of information, as well as its qualities such as unreliability and inconsistency, plus the inability of many to filter information and check it for accuracy;

    2) Internal psychological conflicts that lead to conflict with the outside world.

    If you want to remove everything globally at once, starting with the root cause, I recommend studying the ancient Buddhist teachings transmitted directly from the Buddha. Now it is possible to do this absolutely for free and in a convenient format on the website of the Institute of Asian Classics: https://acirussian.com/

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