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  1. To fulfill a wish, the main thing is to know what you want!

    During each consultation, I ask the client this question:

    “What do you want?”

    In most cases, they want to get tools to achieve their goals:

    • they say “money” – they want peace of mind and pleasure from work

    • they say ” no ” – they want security

    • they say “new job” – they want acceptance in society

    Therefore, to make your wish come true:

    • first formulate it

    • check if this is what you want or if it's just another step on the road to your dream.

    • to check the desire, you can use the Descartes Square technique

    Descartes square.

    A blank sheet.

    Write your wish at the top of the sheet.

    Answer 4 questions:

    1. What happens if the wish comes true?

    2. What happens if the wish doesn't come true?

    3. What doesn't happen if the wish comes true?

    4. What doesn't happen if the wish doesn't come true?

    All questions must be answered in writing.

    If this is your true wish, then it will definitely come true. You can help him slowly, the main thing is not to interfere 🙂

    You can write to me in PM if something is not clear.

  2. The topic is quite extensive, and there are many subtleties, but the general stages are as follows::

    1. Form the wish in the form of a locanic phrase, in the form of a statement of the event that happened.

    2. You need to check if you have a block against this belief. I use muscle testing. If there is a block, it is better to remove it for greater success.

    3. The next step is to start creating a mental picture that will occur when your wish is fulfilled. Now visualize this image daily.

    After about a month, synchronization will start – small events that will indicate that the manifestation is close. Further – more.

    I share all the technology for free during the marathon, link to participate in my Instagram.

  3. Perhaps my answer is no longer quite relevant, given when the question was asked)) Although, such questions are always relevant, so I'll answer them in case someone finds it useful))

    I fulfill my desires with the power of my mind, using theta waves. Have you ever heard of this? There are many different techniques, and I like the Fait Accompli technique the most! It's very simple. All you need is privacy, concentration and visualization)))

    You can read more about this technique in the blog of power in thought, there is an article on How to fulfill a wish with the power of thought or the “It happened!” technique.

    Google it and use it)

  4. There is such an expression “thought is material” – we act in the direction in which we think. But if you do not get up from the couch and do not take any actions, then the materialization of thoughts can not wait.

  5. In the morning-to wish that the Sun “rose”, and in the evening-that the Sun “went down”. Antoine de Saint Exupery, “The Little Prince”.

    This method works best. �One hundred percent guarantee.

    Other methods work much like the “People's Commissariat” shot of vodka on an empty stomach-before the attack. Well, yes, it practically guarantees to make “brave corpses”out of cowardly bodies at the bottom of the trench. But it does not guarantee victory even for those who “spend” the soldier, let alone for the soldiers themselves…

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