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  1. Constantine already gave a fairly good answer, but I'll add the classic formula from Socrates: I know that I don't know anything – this is the pinnacle of human wisdom. An intelligent person knows that his knowledge is limited; a fool is sure that he knows everything about everything.

  2. The link came to me as an expert, but I'm not a philosopher. I will try to answer as a practical psychologist.

    You build your reasoning within the framework of formal logic, its axioms and laws.

    And the initial premises and statements themselves lie outside of formal logic, in which A cannot be both A and not A. The psyche is not described by formal logic. Since formal logic describes linear cause-and-effect relationships, and the psyche, a person's relationships with himself and other people are systemic in nature. They are BASED on contradictions, it is simply something on which and for dealing with what the psyche arises as such.

  3. SCIENCE provides a precise, simple answer to this question – everyone is partly smart and partly stupid – this can be expressed as a percentage like this

    Smart % + Stupid % = 100%

    A very clever SOCRATES honestly called himself stupid-comparing his scanty knowledge with the full possible knowledge.

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