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    1. Draw coordinate axes with lines along the cardinal directions: from north to south, from west to east, from northwest to southeast, and from southwest to northeast. It will look like an eight-pointed Christmas star or a schematic British flag.
    2. Set aside the divisions on the axes that indicate the number of days for the required period of time. For example, if the axis length in your monthly chart is 9 cm, then every 3 mm will indicate one day.
    3. Take the observation data and calculate how many days each of the eight winds blew in the required time interval (for example, west – 10 days, south-5 days, and so on).
    4. Transfer the resulting information to the chart. Mark the duration of all winds on the axes, then connect all points with lines. Make a circle in the center of the chart and enter the number of windless days, if any.

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