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  1. I'm the most introverted introvert I know.

    During the day, my phone is always on silent. And when I get home, my girlfriend yells at me:

    “Why the hell don't you ever pick up the phone?”

    “I feel more comfortable with the silent one.” I don't get distracted by anything.

    – Of course, you're so isolated!

    Oh, yes, I am. One of my favorite hobbies is spending time alone. Without phones, people-with their own thoughts.

    Extroverts find it difficult to understand the value of privacy for an introvert.

    Once I tried to fight it, but then I realized: it's useless. It is unrealistic to change your nature so much.

    In 9 out of 10 cases, I prefer to spend time alone.

    It's hard for people like me to perform in public. But “people like me” has never been and will never be an excuse for me.

    Despite my introverted nature, I still learned how to perform in public. Now my face doesn't turn red like tomato paste in public. And I don't want to fall into the ground, as if I – Russian roads.

    Public speaking is very stressful for an introvert. Usually you don't communicate much with people at all, and then you need to perform in front of them.

    But you can do it. Never let your inner nature stop you from doing something.

    What do you say before you die?

    I've been such an introvert all my life…

    Don't make me laugh. Being an introvert doesn't hold you back in any way.

    You can learn how to perform in public, even if you're an introvert.

    That's what we're going to do now.

    1. Find a job related to public speaking

    Do you want to learn public speaking? Find a job related to public speaking.

    In September 2017, I found two part-time jobs: as a math teacher in courses and as a host of children's shows.

    Both were extremely uncomfortable for me. You can imagine what it's like to work with people if you're an introvert: exhausting, draining, terrifying.

    But if you really want to learn the art of public speaking, then you need to make sure that you have no choice.

    Because you'll feel sorry for yourself. You will postpone, postpone, and cancel your public appearances.

    If there is a couple at uni where you need to give your report, then you will skip it, say that you were ill, and then secretly bring your manuscript to the teacher.

    And that's why I'm telling you to find a job related to public speaking.

    Many people in this world have succeeded not because they are special and talented, but because they had no choice.

    When you know you need to do it, everything changes.

    Instead of making excuses, you start looking for solutions.

    Instead of “Whoo I'm an introvert, it's not for me” you start thinking “So, I'm an introvert, what should I do about it?”

    Yes, it sounds contradictory to find a job related to public speaking until you are absolutely unable to perform.

    But how else can you learn this?

    Become a professional who earns it. Practice is your best teacher.

    This point is very important, because you will never develop this skill without proper training.

    No book, video, or article will help you as much as public speaking itself will.

    To learn how to make simple public appearances, you need to make a bunch of public appearances, and then you can perform as if it's easy and simple.

    You have to make yourself sick with public speaking , and that's the only way you'll get rid of your fear and learn how to perform.

    And the work associated with performances will make it so that you constantly perform and train.

    2. The main thing is to appear

    No matter how much you dread public speaking, the most important thing you have to do is show up.

    You may be worried, scared, or shitting your pants (it's better not to), but if you showed up on the spot, then you did most of the work.

    Most people are so afraid to perform that they won't even show up: they will not take such a job, or cancel the performance, pretend to be sick.

    Focus your attention on showing up on the spot.

    No matter how hard you try to calm down and make your heart beat slower, it's unlikely to work – you can't control your heartbeat.

    But what you can do for sure is get dressed and drag your ass to where you're going to perform.

    And if you showed up, then it will be easier to continue.

    You'll start performing, and the excitement will fade.

    3. Remember what comes after

    I will share with you an exercise to overcome the fear of public speaking.

    This mental exercise always eases my fear of public speaking a little.

    Let's say I have a public speech at 12 o'clock, and it will last half an hour or an hour.

    That means I'll be free at one o'clock in the afternoon.

    In order to ease my fear of public speaking, I imagine that no matter how much my speech goes, at two o'clock I will still be sitting in my favorite eatery, eating hot pizza and washing it down with a cool compote of dried fruits.

    This thought is liberating.

    No matter what happens, no matter how I perform , I'll still be there at two o'clock.

    Or I imagine that in any case, at 11 o'clock in the evening, I will be lying in my bed, alive and well.

    Conduct such thought experiments with yourself when you are overwhelmed with excitement.

    Imagine where you will be and what you will do after the performance – this will help to abstract from the current emotions and calm down.

    You will understand that no matter how the performance goes, your life still goes on.

    And your fear will decrease.

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  2. I overcame all children's phobias with a banal calculation that is profitable-not profitable.
    Here I will be afraid of the audience, I will perform poorly, and then they will probably notice that I did not prepare so-so for the seminar.
    On the other hand , I will perform well, interweave jokes, children's analogies, interact with the audience, joke about the two-man, joke about the electron spin. I'll get my A, and I won't be asked any more questions that I was too lazy to prepare for.
    And how do I reach this other side? Under what conditions am I not afraid of the public? When I tell my friends or family, those I trust. Why do I trust them? Because it's safe. And the audience that will forget you in a month, a year, or five years – is it even dangerous? Not at all. If you don't get a scholarship, you won't be able to afford even that one miserable Belgian chocolate bar a month.

    And this does not fit in with introversion / extroversion at all. Here either you are a coward in the question, or you are not. Extroverts, on the contrary, in public speeches try to “talk” shoals with the number of words that do not have any semantic load. And the introvert will think, but will put straws, how to cover the torch.

  3. Unlike the top/bottom commentator, I'm a complete extrovert. Don't feed me bread,but let me have fun with someone,talk to them.

    And so. Before a public performance, I'm also nervous! More precisely, I have jitters. But I learned how to perform. Because my profession is to dance on stage.

    First of all. Perform to your heart's content.

    On stage, you can feel like a star. Yes, like Kurt Cobain,like Philip Kirkorov,like her mother Volochkova. Why do they perform and get a deafening ovation? How are you worse?!

    Secondly. Get ready.

    At first, it is especially difficult to perform unprepared/improvise. The better prepared you are,the more confident you will feel.

    Third. Don't assume that everyone is watching and listening to you.

    Someone came here because it is necessary, someone is already tired and wants to eat, someone is sitting and counting the folds on the wings, squares on the floor. On the other hand,try to do your best for those who listen to you.

    Fourthly. Honey, please don't drink the sedatives.

    They disperse attention and concentration.

    Fifth. Good luck to you❤️

  4. There is one simple way. At first, everything is as usual-you get ready, you worry, and before you start, it's enough to first understand that there is nothing to lose and you just need to experience it comfortably, and secondly, imagine that you are not going to the stage/ podium, but to the kitchen, where your friends are sitting, and you don't need to prove anything to them, you just want

    It works every time )

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