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  1. If you are 18, then you are likely to live at least 3 more times 18. Not enough? Moreover, for more than a dozen of the first years of your life, you most likely lived according to the rules of your parents, you began to control your own life not so long ago-less than half of your life – � and another 3, or even 4 times for 18 years, your life will be in your own hands. In my opinion, this is dofiga. So much you can do…

  2. That's what I always thought, too. Time is running out, it just flies. currently 24. Soon 25. and there and 30 is not far away. And if you think about it, I only lived for 24 years, and I've already learned how much, and I don't really remember my childhood, my infancy. And then there's still the same amount to live and I'm only 48, and then the same amount of 82. Right now my grandfather is 86 years old, healthy, and looks great. I'm not even his age yet.

    Yes, do something else, find your vocation, although so up to your ears in business, probably))

  3. You can try to use this idea instead of fighting it. It can serve as motivation not to postpone something important until tomorrow, it can help you realize yourself, do more than you could do without it. Living one day is not a tip for every day, of course, but sometimes when the day when you live “one day” becomes the best in your life.

  4. There is no way to get rid of such thoughts, since they have arisen, it means that you are not stupid, but a reasonable person. Do something useful, use your time efficiently…all this is vanity and nonsense. Live as you live. What's the point of using time efficiently when the outcome is the same for everyone? )) The main thing is that there should be children, later than 18 of course, but necessarily-this is the extension of their life, at least at the gene level, well, why not, since after death one hell of a memory of the life lived will not be preserved, then the gene pool will be preserved!))

    In short, forget about all the advisers, live as you live, and more young women! Maybe you'll live to be a hundred.”..but after 50, how would the old purses not crackle here, what kind of life is there?)) Have time to do everything until 30-35, and then quietly measured, kids, grandchildren and beer with old friends on weekends in the pub!

  5. Such thoughts came to me when I was 11-12 years old. At that time, the “cold war” was going on and every day they were waiting for a “gift” from Uncle Sam to arrive. I was afraid to go to bed-I was afraid that no one would ever wake up again. There was a terrible fear of death, which became even stronger after the death of Brezhnev – the older generation remembers this. Then there was only one thought in my head: life has stopped! How naive I was then…
    When I started playing sports, I had enough time to change my clothes after school, learn my lessons, and get some sleep. From that moment on, there was a strong desire to achieve results in sports. The fear of death faded into the background and was replaced by the question: will I live to be 18? I had absolutely no idea that I would ever get into the army. And the belief that the year 2000 was simply unattainable…
    He graduated from technical school and then joined the army. There were all sorts of things – when the sky looked like a sheepskin coat. Then I remembered my childhood fears and misgivings – like a child's sick imagination.
    After serving in the army, the Soviet Union collapsed. There was another shock and fear for tomorrow. The “dashing 90s” began. By that time he was married. And the fears were already for the children.
    When I was in my early 20s, my boss once told me: after 25 years, life will turn into a kaleidoscope of faces and events. I didn't believe him then. Looking back at the past tense , I completely agree with him! I'm only 47 now! The coolest age! Still so much strength and energy, still so many desires and how many opportunities are open! God grant you good health, so that much can be done and achieved in this life!
    All fears are caused by an excess of free time! From having it to sit and poke around in your thoughts and brains. Man came into this life to leave his mark on the earth. Not in the form of a dash on the monument between the dates of birth and death, but rather significant! Look for yourself! Find your usefulness! Every person is valuable in some way! You didn't just come into this world.

  6. I'm 22. At the age of 18, I made plans for my current age. As soon as I finish university, I'll get a job in my specialty, back and forth. And in the last two years, so many things have happened in my life that you couldn't even think about four years ago. And now it is scary to imagine changes in the near future, not to mention the distant prospects. Therefore, the judgment about the beginning of life at the age of 18 is a fierce stereotype. Your life begins with some events and changes that cause a further chain of events and changes. A kind of butterfly effect. For some, life begins at the age of 12, and for others, even at 30, the stage of preparation for life is still underway. Enjoy every moment and do not set yourself temporary goals from the category: children by 25, a car in a year, etc. After all, it is not known what will happen in a few years. It turned out to be crumpled, but I hope you understand the essence.

  7. I was once pleased with the idea that every age has its own joys 🙂

    How we will meet our siblings during the holidays, how our children will play with each other. How we will raise, how we will get our pets and ask each other to look after them. That at a later age there will be time for any hobbies and dream jobs (for example, I really want to work as a guide, but it seems that this will still remain for a later period of my life). That there will be time to draw/read/spend time with your family.�

    I was particularly afraid of the idea of getting old, until I came across some project about the “third age”, where various courses for those who are over fifty) From drawing to dancing, why not? For some reason, it was at that moment that the fear left and the calm realization came that everything would come and everything would be fine. Although before that, there was an example of a grandmother who was very interested in botany, and a grandfather who was inspired by design.�

    And if now emotions come in quantity, then with age, as it seems to me-naive, they will turn into quality)

  8. I myself have been like this since I was 14 years old, the futility and transience of being, the discrepancy between the desired and the actual, suicidal thoughts, in short, everything is with me. I never learned how to deal with it.But maybe you can do it 🙂 I read a lot of books about it, and I liked Irwin Yalom, who himself has been struggling with the fear of death for so many years. Try ” Peering into the sun. A life without fear of death.” The main idea is to turn your fear into your engine. That would be as Yalom put it, ” to leave the feast well-fed.” In other words, by being mindful of your impending death, make your life rich and full of happy events, without paying attention to failures and sorrows. Memento mori .

  9. I didn't even plan to do anything after 18. At 18, finish school and … hi ) Now 42.�

    You need to listen less to the desires of others and start wanting something yourself. Even if someone doesn't like your wishes.

  10. It hurts a little early! Here I am soon 30, not married, no children, a lot of diplomas, every time you realize that time is running out, and nothing really done… Although right now I have a “golden age”, when everything is ahead. And at the age of 18, everything is ahead of you! You can still enjoy life calmly for 12 years, it would be good to fall in love during this time, then it will be more interesting, but also more difficult.

  11. Obsessive thoughts that there is little left to live, arise from the fear of death. The reasons for its occurrence are the fear that you will not have time to do something in this life, as well as the fear of the unknown and pain.

    To stop being afraid of death, you just need to find your favorite thing and do it. And then there will simply be no time for negative thoughts, you will be busy with what you like.

    In order not to be afraid of death, you need to realize and get used to the idea that it is inevitable. This is best done by people who are constantly on the verge of death, for example, terminally ill. They already know that they are going to die and that nothing can be changed. But they, unlike many other people, do not waste time so carelessly, but try to get as much done as possible.

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