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  1. Good afternoon, Eva!

    Developing the ability to talk about anything is my favorite topic!

    I even have a separate course on this topic.

    I'll be happy to tell you how to develop the ability to talk about anything:

    Exercise 1. The ability to talk about anything can be developed at any age. This skill is primarily related to observation.

    To develop your powers of observation, I recommend starting a notebook. And carry it with you every day. In a notebook, you need to write down everything that aroused your interest during the day: whether it's a beautiful brooch from a colleague, a new perfume from your best friend, or an interesting idea from a book or movie.

    With the help of this exercise, you will learn to notice interesting things in the world around you.

    Exercise 2. Continuation of the first one, but your attention should now be focused on 1 subject. You need to take your favorite thing (for example, a book) and talk tirelessly about this subject for a minute. You can talk about the content of the book, the cover, the quality of the pages, the binding, the author, or the person who recommended the book. The main thing is to speak without pauses. Whatever comes to mind. It is highly desirable to record yourself on video (just put a mobile phone in front of you). After a week of daily repetition of this exercise with different subjects, you can increase the story time to two minutes. And then up to three. And within a month, you will have 30 stories about different subjects, and you will feel that you can talk easily about anything.

    I have a master class at the end of which I demonstrate this skill. It is located here, on my Youtube channel: Master class

  2. Training sessions. By constant speaking. Check out my channel, here's all about how to develop your own talking device. The simplest and most effective auto-speech technologies. The question you have formulated is, of course, very voluminous. But its solution will not take much time in your life, if you deal with yourself constantly, little by little, but every day. Speak, write down your experience, listen, and speak again. And you will get the most stunning result that you did not even expect.

  3. What can I say here:

    1. It is useful to develop speech skills in childhood. In adulthood, it is much more difficult to develop them.

    2. No, the development of speech skills does not depend on nature. It depends on the upbringing and environment, as well as on the character that was formed under the influence of the first two factors.

    3. Reading books can help you enrich your vocabulary. But it doesn'T develop communication skills by itself.

    4. Communication skills are developed by frequent and constant communication on rather complex and serious topics (not the so-called'small talk'). Also, communication skills are developed through overcoming personal shortcomings, training yourself to speak in front of large audiences of people, and so on.

    I can't really say anything more. I am not a practicing psychologist, but a lover who has studied psychology from books. If you want to develop your speech skills, you need a practicing psychologist + a rhetoric teacher.

  4. If you have no experience or special training, then a speech teacher is required. At least online. It's possible. Even the most incapable people start to speak well after 2-3 months of regular classes. If you study once a week and do everything the teacher says. There are special exercises. You need to learn to breathe, articulate correctly, correctly place accents in sentences, build speech logically, etc. This is all achievable. Here you will find tips on how to practice properly, some exercises.

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