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  1. If a person is lazy, then he has an external factor: “I want to watch a TV show”, ” I want to sleep…”.

    But, in principle, it doesn't cost a person anything to “score” on this laziness and do the job.

    But if he's depressed, he can't. He can't just “get up and do it”, he doesn't have the physical strength to do it, he feels bad.

  2. Why distinguish them?! That's about the same thing.Only the stages are different) Laziness is produced by the body when it does not need to do something .So love and thank your laziness ) It doesn't just exist ! Change your attitude to it ,don't make it ” – “make it”+”

  3. Laziness is the desire for idleness or relaxation. You have an aversion to work and can easily find a pleasant occupation, spend time with pleasure. With depression, a bad mood has nothing to do with objective circumstances, pleasure is lost even from previously favorite activities, communication with friends, parties, watching your favorite movie may not be happy. There may be unpleasant sensations in the body, insomnia. Sometimes the appetite disappears or increases.

    If you are lazy, you probably care about the consequences of a stupid pastime, you will try to find a way to” legally ” avoid labor. Apathy is one of the symptoms of depression, a condition where you are completely indifferent and indifferent even to the prospect of a beating for not doing your job.

    In a state of depression, it is quite difficult to objectively assess yourself, a person tends to attribute various shortcomings to himself, consider himself lazy and stupid.

    For self-assessment of depression, there is a short test: the Zang scale. Available online at the link


  4. With laziness, emotional-volitional behavior is not upset, and with apathy and depression , it is upset. This is the fundamental, equally essential, difference between laziness and depression and apathy. That is, with laziness, a person is able to do something else easily, enthusiastically, consciously and optimistically, but with depression and apathy-not or much more difficult. In addition, laziness is manifested by a person much more pleasantly than apathy and depression – the latter are usually accompanied by a feeling of torment, which can be a true criterion for determining the difference between the norm (relative or absolute) – for example, laziness – and pathology, that is, apathy, depression, etc.

  5. I support what I wrote earlier and will add it on my own…

    Another thing that separates laziness and depression is the ideas of self-blame and self-deprecation. We can spend a long time accusing someone of laziness while they continue to evade the task in a variety of ways. With depression, even blame will not have to, she herself copes with it wonderfully.

    Also, with laziness, basic physiological functions are rarely violated, or simple needs of the body (food, sleep, etc.) are ignored.When faced with violations in these areas, we are no longer talking about laziness, but about depression or apathy.

  6. You lie on the couch and think, it would be necessary to do something, but Chet doesn't want to, I'll do it later, or maybe tomorrow, but for now I'll go eat, and how I'll do it or not, we'll see. This is laziness!

    Lie on the couch and don't think, just lie there. This is apathy!

    Lying on the couch is exhausting. This is depression!

  7. Laziness is when we don't want to do one thing, but we have time and energy for another. Apathy or depression is when you don't want to do anything.

  8. Laziness is a protest behavior in the present. And it has a specific focus: “I'm too lazy to take out the trash” or “I'm too lazy to do my homework”, but at the same time “I'm not too lazy to kick a fool”, I'm not too lazy to “hang out with friends”, etc.

    And apathy and depression are states caused by not fully lived events in the past, interrupted and forgotten feelings about these events.

    Read more about how laziness is created and what it is made of here: smogendrr.ru

    About what feelings and events are behind apathy, here:smogendrr.ru

    And about help in case of depression here: smogendrr.ru

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