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  1. Who are you, an artist or an entrepreneur? Do you know how to draw, or earn money? The world knows many great creators who sat on bread and water. And mediocre people who managed to do competent PR.

    Find a middle ground – draw what the customer needs and how they ask, but create what you like in your free time. Even if it does not bring material benefits. Enough to be appreciated by others.

    Earning money on your hobby is a very great happiness. You have a reason to take the risk!

  2. There are many options:

    • Draw custom portraits, family portraits.
    • Teach others to draw – create a drawing school in your yard or conduct master classes on the Internet.
    • Take care of the illustrations.
    • Negotiate with interior designers and draw pictures that make someone's home look stylish, original, and cozy.
    • Post your drawings on Instagram, promote your blog and earn money from advertising from paint and brush manufacturers.

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