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  1. Glucose is the main source of energy stored as ATP, fuel for your brain. With intensive intellectual activity, it is impossible to do without sweets, as well as without proteins and lipids in food. Eat a variety of foods, often in small portions – as much as you can fit in the palm of your hand. The brain works better on an empty stomach, do not overeat until the cut-off or constantly chew at the desk.

  2. Completely abandon the sweet in the modern world, you can only refuse a pile of products from stores. It's everywhere. And I want it often, the habituation is quite strong.

    But there are also full-fledged natural substitutes – good honey, stevia, high-quality juices. In all diets, almost the first rule is to avoid low-quality sweet products from hypermarkets. Your brain will not lose anything from them, but only gain clarity and freedom.

    I have a lot of friends in general, except for honey, they don't eat anything for 2 years already from the “sweet”category. And only life is better.

  3. If you are confused about sugar as such, then replace it with fructose and enjoy life. Yes, it is more expensive than sugar, but it is also much healthier. What I definitely wouldn't do is replace sugar with sweeteners. You can also replace sugar with dried fruits. They're sweet… it means the right thing. And, by the way… the brain needs water to work. So drink clean water and plenty of it!

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