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  1. Marijuana

    A remotely similar effect to marijuana (not fun, but the “stone” effect) can be achieved by mastering meditation techniques.


    Love has a similar effect, but without blurring.


    A slightly amphetamine-like effect can be obtained as a result of serious physical exertion. The moment when, in the course of grueling classes, the mood suddenly rises (due to the release of serotonin and dopamine).


    It is similar to an abusive relationship in which you love and do everything that your supposedly “soulmate”tells you to do. A delusion that you are aware of, that you suffer from, but that you cannot break the cycle.

    About the main thing

    Meditation, love, and sports are the means to achieve life's goals, get closer to the meaning of life, and improve yourself and the world around you. Drugs are an end in themselves, a final stop, a ceiling that becomes a life value. Just like an abusive relationship is the ultimate goal, just incorrectly defined. However, abusive relationships can still be broken off with suffering and mental disorders. But drug addiction is more serious in view of the fact that it affects all areas of life, starting from changing the social circle and ending with the development of dementia (dementia).

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  2. Euphoria: you play a fun game with your friends, the game captures you 100% you laugh, laugh, laugh. Also, euphoria occurs for 30-40 minutes of skiing or regular jogging. But I'm not sure if that works for all people.

    Psychedelia: stories of Borges: Aleph, Writings of God, Library.

  3. Oh, there are a lot of techniques, ranging from electroshock, prolonged fasting, a blow to the head, and ending with relatively safe holotropic breathwork, which can cause hallucinations.

    Google ” holotropic breathwork.”

  4. Personally, from my personal experience, I was helped to practice yoga and meditation. Without falsehood, after about three practices in the group, you learn to immerse yourself in yourself and relax the mind and calm the body. The euphoria and lightness is incredible.

    You can also try not to sleep 1.5-2 well, and more, if you dare, days, the brain will start from lack of sleep to throw you all sorts of bursts of energy, unusual thoughts and possibly hallucinations.

  5. Hang out for a few days in absolute darkness, with no sound sources.


    Without sleep, it will feel strange, and then you will fall asleep anyway. No sleep for 2-3 days, or read about sleep deprivation if you are interested.

    I also remember for visions, it was suggested to put half of ping-pong balls on the eyes. But all this should be taken seriously.

  6. If we are talking about altered states of consciousness, then there are many different techniques for achieving such states without using psychotropic substances (meditation, breathing techniques).
    But if we are talking about just “getting high”, then I would recommend Music to you. Listen to what's coming, or rather play it yourself. Playing musical instruments, in itself, has a beneficial effect on the brain. And playing monotonous riffs/rhythms can plunge you into a state of real trance 🙂

  7. Getting an endorphin boost is very simple, just find something that you really love. This can be attributed to both food, person, and business. Spend more time with this person or at your favorite activity and get pure intoxication 🙂

  8. Try guided meditations or hypnoses. This is much more interesting than any intoxication and there are many more opportunities and menno in a sober conscious state to get answers to your questions.

  9. Intoxication – disabling the brain (mental activity).

    What happens when mental activity stops – reality begins.

    How do I achieve this? Focus on sensations. Not science or art, but practice and the desire to discover reality.

    Permission to be intoxicated, to remove the control of the brain over what is happening. Allowing natural bliss to manifest.

    These are not drugs, breathing, or meditation. All of the above are half-measures, surrogates-weak substitutes for real reality.

    This is a practice that we achieve for ourselves.

  10. Your question has a definite answer. There are people who suffer from cyclothymia. So, a hypomanic state is a kind of drug intoxication without drugs

  11. I don't know how old you are, if you are old enough, then you can get the effect without drugs, the effect of euphoria, it may seem funny or strange, but this is a fact. 5-7 days drink alcohol, so they say-black, beer, vodka, moonshine, woke up, got drunk, etc., then abruptly quit, there will be a hangover, but as soon as it ends, you will feel at your peak, although in a day it will pass. I am from my own experience and from the experience of other people, I have a friend, he can not drink. I say-why did you drink that, did you even feel good? He says-not when I drink badly, just then at least a day to feel like a happy person. So, I have no idea why this is happening.

  12. Another option is a quick scuba dive from a depth of more than 100 meters without a break. High will be (nitrogen intoxication), but most likely lethal. Why do stupid experiments on your life at all? Don't you really want to live long ! Just live close to your children and your loved one! Take care of yourself! Because as long as you don't protect yourself, most people don't care about you.

  13. I'm terribly sorry. And why is it even necessary?!! Don't you live in peace? Block the carotid arteries with your fingers, ATTENTION!!! , strictly under the control of experienced people. I.e. block the access of oxygen to the brain. There will be an effect. At the moment of “Premonition of death”, the brain will release the maximum amount of endomorphine. The question is, do you need it? Risk your life? Live as you are and enjoy life. Don't take any chances. Life is one. There won't be a second one.

  14. Not to see your best friend for very, very many years and finally meet him and both of you are still funny jokers, it will be like a sativa trip.

  15. Drugs start with trials (interesting), mostly in youth. Of course, this is a search for new sensations. Just getting high. Someone drowns out their psychological problems. Blocks fears. Removed from the necessary resolution of issues of conscience. Someone is enjoying a joy that there was no reason to get. But addiction comes along. Questions are not just not solved – they accumulate and turn to stone. It gets hard and ugly. In short, Hell. There Is only one way out – AWARENESS AND WILL. If the addiction has not come yet, but the buzz has already come, and you want to fly – get involved in the development of yourself, learn to control yourself, understand yourself, meet with yourself alone. Make a heartfelt connection with yourself by forgiving and correcting mistakes. Feed your soul with sensations – music, love feelings, nature, creativity. Feed yourself not drugs, but “delicious” experiences. Become their doers. Meet (look for) positive, truly bright people. Even very short meetings with the beautiful-grow the buzz of the soul. I recommend a wonderful sacrament and the help of Three ” M ” = Music.Prayer.Meditation

  16. Take actions that promote the development of their own, natural narcotic substances. During physical exertion, the body produces endorphins. Exercise regularly – and you will be happy.

  17. First of all, it is not necessary. After experiencing strong sensations, especially repeatedly, the brain will get used to getting high, and other, less powerful stimuli will become less interesting. The search for stronger sources of pleasure will begin, which will lead to real drugs, extreme sports on the verge of insanity, and other not very safe things.

    But there are fairly safe alternatives. For example, trying to enter a flow state is a chain of simple actions, each of which triggers a dopamine reward. As a result, there is a feeling of “disconnection” from the rest of the world, problems fade into the background. Increases concentration, does not feel tired. For me, this is achieved by reading exciting books, playing computer games, or chatting with friends on a walk.

    You can try meditation, I did not succeed, although I tried, but others praise.

    And once again, you should not even try to try drugs. There are some things that are forgiving of mistakes(like cannabis or MDMA), but most psychotropic substances are addictive. And almost all of them are illegal, you can get a lot of problems. I speak as a person who, unfortunately, is personally familiar with this topic.

  18. There is such a technique – holotropic breathwork. It consists, in my opinion, in hyperventilation of the lungs and due to the fact that there is too much oxygen in the brain and not enough angle. gas and this feeling appears, comparable to LSD. But it is not recommended to do it yourself. There are many contraindications.

  19. Yes, to get orgaz, this is the same release of endorphins, serotonins . How many letters do scribblers have – zero sense. Under drugs just get high longer and it seems to wash you out with a strong pressure, if there are disturbing teeth, you will feel them ))) . When you meet an interesting person, you have a liking , and the effect is also similar. In General, all the harmonics and neurotransmitters responsible for the buzz in our body are. The drug just makes it all spill out abruptly . After that, there is melancholy, because these components have been wasted and the receptors are insensitive .

  20. Heroin

    You should wake up from an orgasm, look at the clock, remember that today is Sunday and you don't have to go to work, hug your warm wife and fall asleep sweetly.


    Get up at five in the morning, put on headphones, run around the park, do forty push-ups, do a hundred pull-ups, do a “sunny day”, cheerfully run home, take a contrast shower and wash all the dishes.


    Turn off the lights, turn on shamanic music with clear rhythmic drum beats, lie down and take small breaths without interruption for two hours.

  21. Try some eastern practices.With the help of meditation and special practices, you can achieve this state. I also advise you to read about the experience with Ayahuasca.

  22. The effect of such substances as heroin, mephedrone and mdma is nothing.

    But dissociatives by 5-10% can be simulated by light suffocation (Asphyxia). But the most powerful hallucinations that occur in a dissociative trip will not visit you with a slight fainting spell.

  23. Yes, a lot of things: holotropic breathwork, winning the $1 billion lottery, returning home alive from the bloody fields of war, esoteric practices-this is just what I can say offhand.

    BUT the simplest, surest, 100% safe, healthy and beneficial way to achieve a state stronger than drug intoxication is mahaprasad (sanctified food) of the Hare Krishnas!

    You can also take prasadam from any temple, but mahaprasadam from Jagannath Temple, for example(Puri, India) – THIS IS SOMETHING!!!

  24. To do this, you need to understand the state of happiness, true happiness, which has nothing to do with bodily feelings. Here is an excerpt from The Voice of Silence, edited by H. P. Blavatsky, just about this.

    …The Great Law says: In order to know the universal Self, you must know your own self. To do this, you must give up your Self-Not-Self, your Being – Non-Being, and then only can you rest between the wings of the Great Bird. It is truly sweet to rest in the wings of that which is beyond birth and death…

  25. With certain brain settings – or rather, its activity-altered states of consciousness occur, and if you study this topic, you will notice that interesting phenomena occur outside the mind. A meditative state, and manageable at that. The perception changes, it looks like a drug, only in its pure form. Especially if you practice days without Food.

    The strongest state is the Pure State

  26. Again, not a medical issue! I know many people, mostly young people, who are so happy inwardly that you can suspect something is wrong. These people try to please God with joy and enthusiasm. They are Vaisnavas, usually called Hare Krishnas. They have adopted high standards of cleanliness. Feel free to come to them, learn, communicate and you will not need any drugs or hypnosis!

  27. You experience something similar every night. This is called dreaming.
    Especially when there is some confusion in them and a constant change of scenery and the essence of what is happening.
    Here are approximately the same internal sensations that occur in the mind during the narcotic effect.

  28. Just lie down on the bed and carefully monitor your body sensations, monitor your breathing, listen to the sounds that surround you. The technique of mindfulness mimics the state of psychedelics very well, but in order to master it, you need to practice for at least a month, and if you do not train it constantly, the result will be lost. Meditation is the most direct way to achieve a state that is equal in power to psychedelics. This is already turning into a certain form of addiction. BUT THE BEST WAY IS TO GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, GIVE YOURSELF TO IT WITHOUT A TRACE. REMEMBER YOURSELF, FOR SURE EVERYONE HAD SUCH A DAY WHEN YOU WERE ENGAGED IN SOME ACTIVITY THAT ABSORBED YOU SO MUCH THAT YOU LOST TRACK OF TIME. YOU SEEM TO HAVE JUST STARTED WORKING, AND IT'S ALREADY EVENING. THIS IS THE BEST DRUG. AND THE MOST USEFUL ONE.

  29. If you haven't tried it, how will you experience something similar? If you tried it, you don't need imitations.
    But there is another way: you have to fall in love…very similar: the mind is shutting down…

  30. If you have insomnia, then she will do everything herself. Periodically, especially in the morning, after a completely sleepless night (if you didn't even go to bed), you feel euphoric, you wake up indifferent to problems and the brain works just fine, but this is not for long. Then he just knocks you out at the wrong moment)

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