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  1. The more realistic the dream events are, the more likely they are to be repeated in real life. The more mundane what happens in a dream, the more likely it is that the same thing will happen to us when we are awake. This is logical.

    We don't have prophetic dreams. The brain is not able to imagine anything fundamentally new and builds any picture on the basis of familiar elements. The death of a loved one or winning the lottery are not uncommon stories for people in general. We dream of quite ordinary things, which in the most unreal dreams are combined into constructions, which in real life are impossible due to the composition of mutually exclusive elements.

    Secondly, we forget the plot of the dream quite soon after waking up and remember it only in the shortest and most eccentric passages. When a significant event occurs that is somehow related to the dream, we immediately begin to interpret the dream as if it accurately predicted this event. In fact, this is not the case.

  2. People who have prophetic dreams often have very developed intuition, and they can think about their premonition, and these thoughts can be returned to them by the unconscious in encrypted form in dreams. Most often, this happens in 9-10 days. It also happens, of course, that some vivid impression or fact is also remembered, or – you can program your dream yourself-by asking yourself/or the higher intelligence / deity you believe in a question before going to sleep. And your unconscious mind will give you the answer, it is only important to program yourself to remember and put a number of tools for recording sleep….This is some advice from a psychoanalyst. But most often-this is, of course, a combination of circumstances!

  3. I believe in prophetic dreams and I have seen them more than once and they have come true. A prophetic dream is a signal from our subconscious mind, which knows everything about us. Since a person lives “here and now” and he has no past and future, but only here and now. This is the explanation of why prophetic dreams exist. With respect.

  4. In a dream, a person thinks about what happened to him during the day and can predict the logic of upcoming events. Finally, everything can accidentally come true or a person adjusts what happened to what he saw in a dream. I often had dreams similar to prophetic ones, but they did not always come true.

  5. I strongly disagree with the speakers who put everything on logic.�

    There are prophetic dreams, and to explain them somehow everyday or scientific logic does not work. Apparently, the brain somehow clings to the affairs of future days (quantum physics?)

    For example, I dreamed of a road bam in northern Italy, where, for obvious reasons, I had not been before, but was already half a year later or even later after the dream, and everything was exactly the same, and I remembered one exit to bam, and the tunnel in it, and their characteristic fences with small arrow guides. And the time of night was the same, and the lighting, even the car interior was similar, everything was the same.

    Bring the popcorn gentlemen, let's watch a fantastic action movie chase!

  6. Third, in addition to Alexander's arguments, this is an example of confirmation bias.

    You've had about 1,000 dreams in the last year. Let's say there was a death in them 1 time, and there was no death 999 times.

    When death happens in real life, the person will say “Aah, I knew it! I had a prophetic dream!”; -)

  7. Dreams are “projected” in the subconscious mind, and it, as we know, remembers even what we will not remember: the faces of others in the subway, phrases, some events. So, dreams are just a fantasy, an uncontrolled brain activity. It creates possible chains of events in which a person could find himself, “projects” situations in which, even in the subconscious, he wanted to find himself. Therefore, the prophetic dream is a coincidence. BUT, in general, dreams are not a fully studied topic. You can say only 5-10%.%

  8. The first option is that our brain makes an assumption(intuition) based on the information we already have. Second, we ourselves make this dream prophetic, that is, we make a series of actions that lead to this result. Third, some events (which will occur in the future) leave behind an energy trail that we can catch during sleep and some people during wakefulness(This is just a theory, of course). And fourth, during sleep, we connect to the Akashic field (a mystical field that contains all of humanity's knowledge, both past and future

  9. The comments are all very logical, and I would agree with them. If I hadn't had the same dream about being bitten by a dog for a month as a child. I, always a calm child ,because of these nightmares only slept with the light on and after 3-4 fairy tales. When did these dreams stop? That's right, when I was accidentally bitten by a dog.)

    A very tight situation came out for a coincidence, in my opinion. So there's probably something inexplicable about these dreams, like intuition.

  10. The phenomenon can be explained by changing the paradigm of perception of cause-and-effect relationships. For example, if we assume that the day begins with a dream, and then awakening and wakefulness follow, then all dreams are prophetic. However, to adopt such a model, it is necessary to clarify the very nature of the dream, as a kind of unconscious space in which the search for answers takes place (and this is a connection with previous events), new trajectories of the development of situations in a person's life are formed (and this applies to the future).

  11. From the point of view of biology and physics of the brain, the answer has already been given. It is difficult to argue with him, and there is nothing to argue with. I'll tell you an “alternative” version.

    Most people know that there are “layers” around the Earth (for example, the ozone layer). All of them have names like “troposphere”, “thermosphere”, etc. But so far, science has not proven (and belongs to the category of esotericism) the presence of a single information space (UIP) around the Earth.

    How does it work?�
    Personally, I've heard the phrase “thought is material” since high school. This phrase is developed in the EIP theory. All our thoughts, all the technical achievements and experience of our ancestors do not disappear anywhere – it accumulates around us all the time, but we are too busy arranging our lives and loading the brain with finding solutions to momentary problems, so we have neither the time nor the opportunity to “listen to space”. When a person sleeps, his consciousness turns off and it is the turn of the subconscious mind, and very few people can control it. So, the subconscious mind does not have the conventional framework that we have set for ourselves in everyday life, and it is able to connect to the EIP when it is given “freedom of action”.�
    So it turns out. If there is a question that has been bothering you for a long time, or an intuitive premonition, you just need to relax (ideally, meditate) and go to bed. Your subconscious mind will find the answer in the EIP itself (because it is beyond space-time) and will teach it to you as what we used to call a “prophetic dream”.

    I tried to write it not very cumbersome, because developing the topic, I would risk writing a whole treatise, or even a “teaching”:)

  12. I recently had a prophetic dream about pregnancy, I decided to read on the Internet and I came across a very good site: everything is written in detail here. I just had a dream about a fish, the site has a lot of information about this. Examples are given from various dream books and such authoritative ones as Vanga's dream book. In general, read for yourself and see what dreams of pregnancy.

  13. I think that perhaps a lot is predetermined, and in a dream we have the opportunity to look a little into the future. My mother in her youth often saw prophetic dreams, for example, one night when she was in the hospital with me, she had a dream, and in the morning her nephew came and said “Lelya know what happened, and she was joking, the plane crashed and the pond ran away” The nephew is in shock, how do you know, she says she saw it in a dream. And so, from little things, she saw what was happening in Java a day or two later.
    There is such a belief, when you come to some new place and spend the night, on the first night you need to say “In a new place, dream of the bride and groom, and the bride to the groom” When I came to enroll in another city at the institute, on the first night in the hostel, I uttered this phrase, and at night in a dream I dreamed of a Of course, I immediately forgot this dream, and 15 years later I remembered it when I printed out photos from the birthday of my friend's girlfriend, at which I met my wife. In the photo, my wife was standing against the background of curtains in red rubber gloves, because there was some kind of competition at the birthday party. I.e. the photo was like from my dream fifteen years ago.
    So a dream is a projection of life and the past or from the future, so prophetic dreams are not surprising, the brain is a huge computer connected by consciousness with others, so you can see what others see, so to speak, the collective mind.

  14. A prophetic dream is the work of the subconscious mind. Much of what happens in life is predictable. Our subconscious mind is, so to speak, more conscious than we realize. It is open around the clock. And a prophetic dream is a product of analyzing what is happening.

    Although some people say fantastic things: I saw that the plane was falling, I didn't get on the flight ticket, the plane crashed.

    Or events are predicted in a dream that do not concern the life of this person at all.

    As a child, I dreamed of the same picture, which I remembered in detail. It was an ancient city. When I arrived in Prague, I saw this picture in one of the neighborhoods. Moreover, I was so surprised that I decided to go up to the second floor in a building that I had already seen, even went into it in a dream. The interior was repeated. It was a museum. Although in the dream – a residential building. That's something I can't explain exactly.

  15. I periodically have prophetic dreams, although I understand this rather at the moment when the events that were dreamed earlier in the process. A sort of Déjà vu, if you will. For a few moments, I know exactly what's going to happen next. I still can't come to the conclusion that I can somehow control them and be aware of them directly during the dream process.

    It seems to me that prophetic dreams are a manifestation of our intuition through the subconscious. It is developed to varying degrees in all people. Someone has more, someone has the opposite. But the better we work on it, the more frequent its manifestations are and the more clearly we are able to predict certain events. Like many other things, intuition is a skill and can be trained and practiced. It is important just to develop it.

  16. It's hard to answer. But I'm more inclined to believe that this is either a coincidence, or we are dreaming something that we can think about.�

    So, for example, you may dream of friends, maybe those you want to see, or maybe just those you want. 🙂

  17. I also asked myself this question, because although I am a skeptic, I still can't find a logical explanation for the following situation: there was a day that was no different from others, at night I had a dream – just a white background and someone's voice: “grandpa died! My grandfather is dead!”, then the dream was interrupted, another one began, and I dreamed that my period had started. I woke up to a call from my grandfather's sister-she asked me to call my mother urgently, because my grandfather is ill. I was already scared, ran home to my grandmother, went to the toilet and … .. My period started. By that time, my grandfather was already being lowered on a stretcher to the ambulance, and in the evening my grandfather was gone. My brain could not have foreseen this event in any way, my grandfather was not even ill. And my mother and uncle's watches stopped working that day. Mysticism, in general)

  18. http://www.vesti.ru/doc.html?id=1191959

    From the point of view of science, what we dream is the result of our experiences and expectations. At the same time, one of the “regular” functions of the brain is to predict the future based on existing experience. Therefore, in principle, there is nothing supernatural in seeing in a dream the likely development of events or the solution to a long-tormenting problem.

    The “mystical” function of sleep in general has a fairly simple explanation. As Alexander Kaplan explained, the brain is basically able to predict something even in the waking state. However, this is difficult due to a lot of distractions and extraneous thoughts. The sleep state works as a filter-it cuts off all secondary information, leaving only important facts for processing.

    As for the popular stories about the prophetic dreams of famous people-for example, how Mikhail Lomonosov dreamed of the place where his father died-then, according to Alexander Kaplan, we must not forget that they are largely based on later memories. Therefore, it is difficult to say how exactly everything was in reality, whether the memory did not distort real experiences and whether the psychological phenomenon “lies as an eyewitness” did not work. In general, in such cases, we are not talking about the fact itself, but about the text dedicated to it, and in the interpretation of the texts everyone puts what they want to see there.

    Doctor of Biological Sciences, Chairman of the Russian Somnological Society, Head of the Laboratory of Sleep and Wake Neurobiology at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Dorokhov states:�

    • Our consciousness during the day very carefully makes a selection of events from a large amount of information, the insomniac brain processes only what is interesting or dangerous for us. And consciousness in a dream works with less likely events, giving rise to paradoxical predictions based on intuition.

    Another example. A man dreamed that he was bitten by a dog, and two weeks later an ulcer formed at the site of the “bite”. It turns out that the dream is prophetic? Don't jump to conclusions. At the time when a person had a dream about a dog, a painful process was already taking place in his body, but weak pain signals during the day were drowned out by strong impressions and sensations. But at night, during sleep, when strong stimuli were eliminated, they made themselves felt, and the dream “predicted” pain.

  19. Once, before the exam, I dreamed that I was pulling out the 11th ticket. Actually, I really got the 11th ticket. The result is a top five. Maybe it's just a coincidence, or maybe it's really a prophetic dream. I can't explain it, but it happens.

  20. I read somewhere about this feature of the brain, or you can call it a phenomenon when during wakefulness, at the moment of a certain event, the brain gives rise to the feeling that something similar was dreamed quite recently and it seems to you that you just remembered this dream. In fact, there was no dream on this topic, just the brain at the moment throws you this feeling of “remembering a dream”.

  21. From the point of view of science, the human brain cannot see the future, even at the level of the subconscious.

    Prophetic dreams can be explained by the fact that we begin to draw parallels between dreams and the events of our lives and (lo and behold!) we find them. Or the event that we saw in the “prophetic dream” was so predictable that our thoughts about it, embodied in the dream, simply coincided with reality.

    All other visions, prophecies and other paranormal abilities have nothing to do with science, and the attitude to them depends only on our personal level of critical perception of reality.

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