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  1. Blink your eyes in surprise (but not ostentatiously). When you see a new person, raise an eyebrow. Answer all questions with a pause: “what?”, ” why?”,”where?” and so on. The answer is “I don't know”. Take your time. Don't ask: “Who are you?”, but you may wonder, ” Where am I?”. �Play the fool.

    And in General… Why do you need this?

  2. It's quite difficult to stage it. People with amnesia behave differently, and various psychological abnormalities associated with amnesia are combined in different ways, depending on the disease that caused it. Behavior also depends on the form of amnesia, complete amnesia means that a person does not remember anything at all and does not recognize anyone. But this is an extremely rare situation, it happens in the movies, in real life not at all often. The patient may confuse his daughter with his wife, his son with his father, and so on. But, of course, it will be necessary to observe different forms of behavior of patients for a long time.

  3. I had complete amnesia, thank you, because for about five minutes (probably) – a side effect of relanium and a temperature of 39.5, so learn.

    The first, main and only thing is that you are terribly afraid. Hence the cold sweat, the pulse under 160, the twitchy movements, the bulging eyes. Scares absolutely everything, scares its unfamiliar, and unfamiliar around in the first ochepeb ceiling and walls. Just imagine something that is hard to imagine in principle – you don't know your name, how old you are, what gender you are, until you take off your pants, where you are, why you are here, and why you can be anywhere at all.�

    Another interesting feeling is the view outside the window. You have absolutely, 100% no idea what's out there until you look at it, and when you see it, another shock. It will be a visual image that is not connected to anything at all. I have no idea where this place is in the most global sense. The blurring of my head after a terrible drink was nothing compared to that. You will know the feeling of a hangover if you drink like this, and this is already a clue and you will restore the events based on a logical chain of questions. In the case of amnesia, any question that is horrendously small will hit a wall of emptiness and you will come back to where you started, and you will endlessly, even more intimidating yourself, go around in circles until you find the strength to calm down.

    Don't get sick.

  4. As far as I know, actors who play mentally ill people in movies usually watch them. You don't have to go to a mental hospital and watch, although who will give it to you, just find videos and so on on the Internet about it.

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