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  1. The article is utter bullshit! It can work well, except when meeting with “pioneers” who have not yet been hit in the head by a potential victim.

    A real hopota is a good psychologist who can determine whether you are their client or not by your appearance, build, look, clothing, and even gait. And if you are “lucky” to be chosen as a passenger, then the attitude towards you will initially be appropriate, and there can be no question of any long conversations, and even more so of twinning. And if you stupidly adhere to everything described in the article, then the gopniks will simply arrange an onslaught of the bazaar, everyone will try to insert something of their own into the conversation, (have you seen how a flock of crows behaves?) thus forcing you to slip from the intended line of behavior. For them, you are a payment sucker, a means of earning money and surviving (without a sucker, life is bad).

    How should I behave? Pass by without looking at them, without turning around, with a neutral expression on your face. If they still follow you, you are one, but there are many of them, and you are “never a fighter”, then run. �

    It's worse when you're with a girl (which is better for a gopota). This is almost a 100% guarantee that you “will not get on your feet”. In the dashing 90s, I myself found myself in just such a situation…

    There are two options:�

    1) Voluntarily give up everything of value. The simplest option. Your face is safe and sound. And your girlfriend will ask you to do it, just to keep the freaks away. Geez, but what will she think of you later? Fuck knows… She won't tell you.

    2) Personally, I chose this option…�

    First, try to bite off the usual phrases that were described by the author. And if this did not help (and it did not help) and the gopniks begin to understand that you will not voluntarily lay out the loot and will have to take it away, direct threats begin. A beating is brewing, and a group one at that, with the subsequent clearing of pockets. �

    The task is to separate them, and if you have to fight, then one on one. At first, I thought about saying something like: “What about the crowd? In one weak? Che as shameful wolves? Who is the most basic one, let's step back and sort it out like men.” Thus, forcing the leeches to shut up and deal with the main thing. But quickly changed his mind ))) First of all, “the most thug” was a really healthy boar and could put me down with one blow (and I'm not such a fighter), and then the leeches would kick me lying down. Secondly, something told me that they didn't know how to play the game of nobility, and yet, it all looked like a movie stunt. Not really…

    My girlfriend behaved predictably: she started crying, begged me to give them everything, threatened to call the cops, etc. I was much more afraid for her than for myself. No matter how they switch to it, but not just for the purpose of robbing…

    The gangsters went on the offensive, started grabbing at my clothes, and I instinctively backed away. And then the case helped (as I later realized, it was necessary to provoke the gopot right away). One of them, a very dryish build, but at the same time the most twitchy, took and blurted out with a fool: “Eh, @la, where are you breaking in?”. It was then that I found something to cling to and went on the offensive. The fact is that the gopota, as it was already correctly said, lives according to the concepts of the zone, such as thieves, where you can not call the interlocutor obscene words like “[email protected]” and “[email protected]”, and if you said-justify, could not justify-everything, your happy life ended )))

    Then there was the “matter of technology”. It was enough to say ” Guys, he called me [email protected], let him justify it.” �And quickly pulled this premature baby out of the crowd, like, ” Let's step aside. You should be responsible for the bazaar.” Тот The one that tried to blurt out to the public, they say ” he drives, I did not say anything like that!”. But the audience didn't help, they didn't let me know. And he was punished by me for his bazaar. Severely punished. And I had no other choice…

    As a result, �everything ended in a break, saying ” everything, everything, he understood!” And then they APOLOGIZED to me and the girl.

    Yes, I got a lot of adrenaline… I felt like a mouse cornered by a cat.�

    The case is of course private, but I think the meaning is clear.

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