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  1. “You are my melody, I am your fiery Orpheus…”.
    ” There is only a moment in this raging world that is called life…”.
    Fast reading in my youth (Andreev's school) opened me a new huge window of a different perception of both the world and myself. I've read everything. Then I became interested in philosophy (I like the word lyubomudrie, it is more correct). Wandered with the philosophers of the West, went to the east, India…the Buddha…china and japan…tao, zen, haiku, tanka, samurai and geisha….but one day Odysseus returned home. And I saw what I hadn't noticed before: there is nothing more beautiful and true and honest than the Russian language and people.
    Pushkin also shouts about this everywhere in his creations. For example: hut (head) turn with me (hear me and see what I see) in front ( eyes) and back to the forest.
    Buyan Island (your self) in the vast ocean of human desires and suffering…the cat is a scientist…and so on and so forth..
    I don't know how to find it. Everyone has their own path. I know for a fact that there is no way back. I know exactly what's on my own! The way you're lonely. I know for sure that once you meet a fellow traveler on your way for a while, be happy: Your paths have coincided for a while.
    I agree with the author of the book about yoginis that a yogi can climb to any heights. But to go further, he needs a yogi. She will choose it herself one day….these are different types of soul melodies or melodies in the shower. Good luck!

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