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  1. For a beautiful photo, you only need 2 things:
    1. Great light.
    2. Good imagination.
    The scheme is as follows – you think through the frame to the details: pose, costumes, hairstyle, interior (the background should be thought out and clearly visible (a blurry background is the lot of a lazy and inept photographer-it's better not to use it) )there must be an idea that you want to convey to the viewer, and most importantly – light. The light should be good. To begin with, take photos with only ONE light source, do not mix them. The best photos at the beginning will be obtained with natural light, if indoors then at the window, if outside then on a cloudy day. Avoid direct sunlight on the model. If you shoot on a sunny day, then try to look for a shadow, preferably from gray buildings, good shots are obtained in arches. Be sure to think through the model's costume and choose colors according to color compatibility.
    Please note that I didn't say a word about photography equipment, software, and school composition rules-all this is not important. You can take real commercial photos on almost any phone, and use the free Snapseed for photo correction. And composition rules are necessary for photo schools. See the photographers you like and try to do the same.

  2. Very simple! A bit of fantasy, flavored with a sense of humor and decorated with an app like Lil World. https://appsto.re/ru/cSu19.i And voi la – a beautiful Instagram story that friends, acquaintances and relatives like!

    I came to this quite recently. Some time ago, I finally signed up for Instagram, and since practice shows that I'm not much of a photographer, I naturally started applying filters with all my might. By the way, if you are already “not given”, the quality of the camera and its cost will not make you a photographer, no matter how cool you look at this camera. But filters do not save the situation much: you can slightly adjust the sharpness, sharpness, darken here, lighten here… But the main thing in photography is its plot, what it is interesting for.

    And here I am saved by these cute apps with different faces, hats, inscriptions and many other “chips” that turn my ordinary photo into a beautiful and unique story! I recommend that you try this app for everyone!

    If you want something more artistic, of course, you should go to study photography courses. Only first you need to make sure that you have the ability to do this, so that such training does not turn into a waste of money and time. And if you have the ability, then in such courses you will be taught to hold the camera, adjust the focus, create a composition, and work in Photoshop! Good luck!

  3. Yes, and the camera is more expensive. It's silly that it's not about the pots.�

    And the collapsed horizon is an author's idea.

    Well, the first thing is that you can “get” beautiful ones without photographing them yourself) Beautiful — when he is in the photo))

  4. Photoshop is not designed to make a good photo out of a bad one, but to make a great photo out of a good one! A photographer is an artist, and photoshop is just paints, canvas, brushes, i.e. a tool. In order for pictures to be interesting to the viewer, you need to be able to draw, i.e. learn if you are interested in it. It is the same with photography, it is an art and you need to either have talent or learn. Buy a photo appart (phone) and install Photoshop – not enough to get good photos, you need to study or have a talent from birth and develop it, i.e. learn again.

  5. Trite, but he will learn how to take photos and use Photoshop (photo editor). At the basic level. No need to become a pro and delve into everything and everything, there are many articles on the Internet with banal and obvious names. Use a simple camera so that you don't have to worry about settings, find a simple editor with buttons like on Instagram. If you don't want to earn money by doing this, then one article, soap dish and filters will be enough. But still go to one of these sites: 35photo.ru, 500px.com,�1x.com. Spend an hour a day looking at the top, so you will develop a taste, as well as be able to see some techniques.

  6. There are a lot of so-called rules for photography on the Internet, most often they relate to some compositional things like the rule of thirds or the golden ratio, diagonals, etc. Of course, all these rules are quite conditional: they can be either observed or violated. But for a beginner, they can be quite useful, since most often they make your frame better than worse. More experienced photographers can afford to break all these rules, pursuing an artistic idea.�

    In short, look through photography resources and tips for beginners, they will be useful in any case. The simplest rules probably include the following::

    • Make sure that the horizon in the photos is flat, and does not fall over.

    • When photographing people, it is better to frame them by their joints: for example, a waist portrait, a knee-length portrait, or a knee-length portrait (“chest”), but it is better not to crop your hands: it will look unnatural.

    • Again, to the portraits. If you put a person in the sun, they will probably squint, and the portrait will not be very good. The solution is simple: a couple of steps away from you probably has a shade, go there. Your model will stop squinting and will be able to pose for you in peace.

    • Keep an eye out for extraneous objects in the frame, and don't just focus on the main plot: this way you will avoid getting into the frame лишнего of excess garbage in the literal and figurative sense.

    • Look for unusual angles: sometimes you can climb somewhere or sit down and take a picture “from below”. This way you will force the viewer to look at familiar things from a different perspective.

    The list can be continued further, I am sure there are a great many such tips on the web. However, it is worth remembering that all of them are only recommendations: the final decision is always made by you.

    Well, from myself I will add that the main thing in this business is practice. As the classic said, “your first 10,000 photos will be the worst” (Henri Cartier-Bresson). The main thing is not to despair, continue to practice and consult with knowledgeable people from your social circle.

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