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  1. Apply for a job. The best remedy. And now you are no longer around your mother's neck and there is some money in your pocket and your self-esteem has increased. What about depression? The depression will pass.

  2. And who said that the province must necessarily sit on the neck of the parents? Just imagine that they are far away, in another city, and you need to rent a separate apartment, feed yourself, work, study, and solve some pressing problems.�

    I myself am now in the same situation, only I will live and study 120 km away from my parents. Yes, I also wanted independence, freedom, this very “adult life”, but now I understand that there are more pluses than minuses. There are few people of my specialty in the region, so I will be in demand if I get married and have a child, I will be able to float it to my grandparents, if something happened to my parents, I can quickly come and help, if they were kicked out of work, they can help, because they will have more friends than me, young and green.�

    Everyone wants to go to the big cities, away from their parents, and I was like that too, but no one is waiting for you there. Millions of people live there who also want money, work, success, career growth and just happiness. Therefore, no one cares about you: if you leave – they will find a hundred more of the same ones. And in terms of relationships as well. In the speed of a big city, life flies by, you don't really notice it, but in a smaller city, even if not quite provincial, you feel every minute.�

    Try to transfer to another university, retake, retake the Unified State Exam, only for a year your opinion about the path on which you now find yourself can change dramatically. So if you have a solid goal, go for it. But if you just whine because you didn't do it and stayed with your mom, then this is basically just your problem, which you can fix at any time. Just think, can you not even benefit from the problem? Of course you can.�

    Good luck to you, and me too:D

    All the best:3

  3. From any situation, you need to draw conclusions and analyze how to act in the future in such a situation. The most important thing is that there is a desire, a goal. Going to university is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to become a specialist doing what you love. It can be achieved in many ways. You can go to another university that requires less knowledge, and during your studies you can reach a good level. You can try applying again. You can study independently if your specialty allows you. You can get a temporary job and enter the evening or correspondence department. You can earn money and enroll in a paid department (by the way, with successful studies, there is an option to transfer later to a budget one). Nothing can stop a single-minded person. It will be easier for parents to cope if they see that their son is trying, looking for his own path, doing everything that he has the strength to do. In any case, study and work should be a joy, not a burden. After all, this is the basis for a future happy life.

  4. It is important to understand how much this is gnawing at you and what all this leads to. If this is really severe depression, then contact a specialist to get help for antidepressants. This is like a basis in a pinch. Next is what we have. You should find out all your problems,all that tormented you, or put up with it. You will need other people to do this. I hope you're not a social phobe. You really should not keep all this inside yourself,but throw it out. I don't really understand what the output is for you. Perhaps you will not accept it even if next year you do and eat, you will still have this mood quite likely. We need to think about something here. What do you even care about? Maybe you are not just not enrolled,but also fit, and are afraid of calls, etc.? �Do you have hobbies, friends? Is there anything they can do to help you? Somehow you can arrange your life. Maybe it's better for you to get a job abroad and leave? You need to understand for yourself what you want,what you are going to do and in no case try to put on masks-images and become something like a zombie person who “no longer believes in fairy tales”.

  5. In this situation, I would recommend a) studying well, participating in university life, Olympiads, and trying to transfer to the place where you originally wanted to go b) spit and retake next year, and if you just don't have enough points, then retake the Unified State Exam. What you didn't do the first time isn't the end of the world. Many people make 2-3 attempts before finding their place. During this time, you can think again about choosing a direction or try to find a job in this area to see if it is exactly right for you. Do not give up, everything will work out.

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