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  1. I will suggest that such qualities as” absent-mindedness “and” inattentiveness ” do not exist. This is too big a generalization. You are inattentive to something specific, most likely to something that you are not interested in. You can't be attentive to everything at the same time. In the same person, the hairdresser will notice the hairstyle, the fitness trainer will notice the posture, the speech therapist will pay attention to speech. And all three of them might not notice the shoes. And you probably forget things that you don't need or aren't interested in. And someone Freud wrote that what is forgotten is what is associated with unpleasant events that the psyche is trying to drown out and repress. For example, the name of Lenin Street may constantly pop up from memory, because it looks like the name Lena, and Lena may have had some unpleasant history in the past.

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