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  1. I've been using Scarlett O'Hara's “Gone with the Wind” lifak for years. So, to get rid of unpleasant thoughts, she said to herself: “I'll think about it tomorrow.” I tried it too-it helps:))

  2. Well, you can do meditation, which helps to purify bad thoughts, jog in the fresh air, play active sports, go with friends or a girl to some place or even just leave the house to surround yourself with positive people, you can try to go into virtual reality there you will focus on the process of what you are doing, you can also take up your hobby if there is one. Less strain on trifles success!

  3. The surest way is through meditation. Try to find the right practice for yourself and develop it. There are many apps and video tutorials where you can choose the right meditation for yourself

  4. There are different methods of getting rid of unnecessary thoughts depending on what kind of thoughts and what they are related to write in more detail probably only then I can accurately answer your question.

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