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  1. If obsessive thoughts during prayer are part of OCD( obsessive compulsive disorder), then you need to get rid of this disorder itself. And then such thoughts will not arise in prayer.

    To do this, it is important to adhere to the following principles::

    • Stop using any helping rituals that distract or somehow temporarily relieve the obsessive state
    • Do not run away from obsessive thoughts, but go to them
    • Begin to live your negative emotions correctly, not by denying them, but by observing them and listening to them
    1. Then, as a first step in prayer, you can begin to discuss with God the obsessive thoughts that you are having right now.
    2. The second step is to determine the underlying cause that leads to obsessive thoughts.

    It can be:

    • child psychological trauma
    • intrapersonal conflict
    • chronic stress
    • the desire to control everything
    • the desire to do everything perfectly
    • or everyone likes it


    Therefore, to work out the cause, you will need to choose the appropriate method of influencing it.

    Learn more about specific steps to deal with obsessive thoughts in this video:“How to deal with obsessive thoughts”

    By taking these steps, you will soon be able to completely and permanently get rid of these unpleasant thoughts.

  2. You should always start by asking God to point out all your sins and asking Him to help you leave them behind. It is important to understand where these obsessive thoughts come from: maybe there is some kind of sin, and the devil takes place. Through sin, Satan has power over man. If these thoughts are due to some sin (it happens that a person has offended, for example, at someone), then ask God to point you to the root where it all started, because of what the enemy is there, and through sincere repentance, God frees you. One grandmother allowed evil to happen to people, and during prayer the devil brought her abusive words so that she would pronounce them on these people, and also so that she would curse them. You need to turn to God Almighty and tell Him everything as it is, ask for help to understand the cause (and also solve the problem) and He will help you.

    Also, when people sincerely trying to find God in prayer, the devil will be necessary to throw thoughts, can write a message on the prayer, or someone will call; either there would be a lot of bright ideas, which was not until the person praying, the devil during prayer will remind you of urgent matters who right now have to do; to disturb anything and everything. And all this will be for one purpose – that the person will stop praying.

    Remember how Christ prayed in Gethsemane:” And when he was in the midst of the struggle, he prayed more earnestly ” (Luke 22: 44). It's about fighting during prayer. It is not easy to pray sometimes. You are talking about obsessive thoughts, and if they are not due to sin, as it is written at the very beginning, then the evil one brings these thoughts to distract the person from prayer. You are faced with the actions of Satan and the solution to your problems, again, is only with God: when you pray and you will be overwhelmed by unnecessary thoughts during prayer, thenask God for protection, so that He can help you get rid of these thoughts and help you to pray sincerely, without being distracted by what is not necessary during communication with God. Any problems you have that occur during prayer or at any other time, you can bring to the One Who can solve all our problems-to God. Just ask relentlessly, and continue to pray (do not stop the prayer, thinking: “something does not work out prayer, then I will pray”; then the victory will be for the enemy, his goal will be achieved – the person stopped praying). Jesus, in the midst of his struggles, prayed more diligently.e He did not stop praying, but he began to cry out to the Father even more, and was heard for His reverence. Also, try to focus on your needs for God, imagine that you are standing before a Great God, and God will surely help those in need and set them free: “ask and it will be given to you”, this is His promise.

    But the devil can often prevent us from praying: at one prayer, God helped, and then the enemy will again hinder, and again we need to call out to God. This is a struggle that a Christian is supposed to overcome with the help of God until the end of his life. Therefore, the path of a Christian is difficult, a constant struggle with temptations, with obstacles from Satan, and the power to win is only with God.

  3. Every time your attention is distracted by an extraneous thought, return it to prayer.

    I'm not sure it's possible to turn off this stream of thoughts. But you can patiently return your attention to God.

  4. I also experienced this on my own and here are the conclusions I came to.

    1) Answer the question of whether it is your own or External. Do you really think so? Then why do you pray? Do you want to insult God? If you understand that these are not your thoughts, feelings, ideas, then accept the fact that this is not yours, someone else's. And you personally will not be judged for someone else's actions. The Lord will not impute this to you as a sin, He understands that these are not your sincere feelings, that they are imposed on you from the Outside. And by the way, this thing perfectly pretends to be your personal thoughts, even sometimes repeating your own thoughts to pretend to be you. What do you think, if the devil came to the Holy Elders in the form of the Virgin Mary, that he should duplicate his own and make you think that this is yours?

    2) From the outside, what is it? A)You can call it a demon that feeds on the fact that it torments the soul and gets pleasure from it, confusing and upsetting you, interrupting prayer, depressing. Or vice versa, like a virus in a computer, an insensitive program that duplicates information with a certain frequency. B)It can be called a mental disorder that expresses itself in obsessive thoughts. Surely scientists have data on how this happens in the human brain, how neurons somehow form signals and connections, and in the end it all turns out, And I thought, ” What's the difference between what to call it?” The meaning of this does not change. Some form of evil / disease affects us negatively. They won't hang a demon for attacking us. A sick person will not be blamed in the next world for being sick, illness is not a sin.

    3) Accept the fact that this is happening to you. There's nothing you can do. This situation may be with you for the rest of your life, it may pass, it may come and go in the course of your life. Just initially accept the fact that such a disaster has visited you and even if it goes away for a while, it will most likely return in a month, a year, or more. And if it doesn't come, another problem may come.

    4) Ask God for help, as you are being attacked and prevented from living. Don't stop praying. Who knows, maybe your prayer will be the most valuable and expensive, given with such mental work and pain, having suffered attacks and bullying by the forces of evil.

    5) Reading the Bible, I found no contradiction in not taking medication. Here are a couple of examples I took from the Internet (fluoxetine, sertraline, clomipramine, imipramine, teralene, thioridazine, chlorprotixen), but you need to go to the doctor for a prescription, or look for a pharmacy that sells without.

    6) Imagine that your child is suffering from such a problem. It is hard and difficult for him, a stream of dirt is poured on him. You would blame him, hate him, or think “How dirty and vulgar he is!”,” I will deprive him of his inheritance ” Probably not, it would just be a sincere pity for him.

    7) Turn to the Savior. Ask Him to take it out of your life. And stop reacting to obsessive thoughts, just ignore them, no emotions in response, no reasoning on this topic, no positive reactions (Hooray!It's all gone!) no negative ones (Damn, this problem came back to me again). Be silent in response, wait, or think about something of your own on another topic, or right at this moment pray. The only thing that you should leave in your head is a prayer to stop obsessive thoughts and add at the end that you are asking not only for yourself, but also for all people who suffer from this disease.

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