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  1. For the first time, don't try to get rid of this feeling. When it happens again, just watch yourself. Try to pay attention to ” what time does this feeling occur: more often in the morning or in the evening?”,” in what situation?”,”what thoughts and sensations in the body occur during this.” Doing such a small amount of research can already help you.

  2. Well, it's called stalking nonsense. Delusions of persecution are most often associated with schizophrenia, or more precisely, paranoid schizophrenia. If your character and mood have not changed during this time, you have not stopped loving things that you have always loved, then this is a positive symptom (this term is purely scientific and does not carry an evaluative description), then any competent psychiatrist will prescribe you a drug that will save you from this unpleasant ailment in a few weeks.

  3. If you're talking about people watching you, that's one thing. If you just have a feeling that you are not alone here. Then it is true. In addition to the physical and material world, there is also a spiritual world in which spirits live. And this world is parallel to ours. In other words, the spiritual world penetrates our material world. For in the beginning everything is born in the spiritual world. Our thoughts are from this spiritual world. If people are watching you, that's great! So they are interested in you.

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