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  1. Read Stanislav Grof, he worked closely on these issues.
    Sessions with such substances should not be carried out alone, you need a sitter, preferably in the person of a friend, so that he is close, if anything.
    And so, you can experiment, write a list of questions in advance (for example, for introspection) and during the trip try to answer them and get to the root of the problem. But often nothing needs to be done, and if you are a spiritually developed being, the right thoughts will come to your mind)
    I recommend doing this only in a good mood and not in an attempt to solve personal problems in this way. World)

  2. No way!) This is not a magic pill that will make you smarter or more enlightened etc
    But, it's all really done with a goal, intention and desire, as well as patience and the right approach. Set & setting the most important thing in this process, of course, initially the preparation begins at the right time, you need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally, a diet without harmful and heavy food, now about the morally correct approach, your thoughts must be clean, correct, correct, in no case do you need to go on a Trip in a bad mood, in moments of emotional damage to the psyche and not in any case in moments of emotional trauma! This is a direct path to a bad trip and then you can go to a mental hospital to make up, a very delicate moment. And most importantly, you need to work with this, do not forget that the road will be mastered by the walking one, not the thirsty one…

  3. All the answers are already in your head, in the minds of the people around you, and in the world around you. Read, gradually absorb someone else's but understandable life experience, so you can seriously expand your horizons, observe the outside world, especially wildlife, it stores a lot of amazing (for you personally) discoveries, draw parallels, check your conclusions.�

    If your life experience has obscured all this from you, and it seems to you that you can not do without auxiliary means, if you are more than twenty years old and do not suffer from serious mental illnesses, neuroses, or have serious disorders in the cardiovascular system, read on at your own risk.

    Take it seriously, as most of those who have experienced it assure you, this event is on a par with the most important events in their lives, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Read Huxley, Watson, Grof, you can get acquainted with McKenna, but do not get carried away by one person, you need a diverse view of the subject you are studying. If what is described is not enough for you to rethink your own life and reset the stereotypes of perception, read on.

    I do not recommend that you go straight to the discoveries of Albert Hoffman, limit yourself to what nature itself has given to man. Prepare carefully, collect your thoughts, spend a month waiting for it, and better imagine that you will participate in some kind of ritual, as a result of which you will get to know yourself and the world in which you live much better. If you need limited privacy, ask one or two friends to stay nearby. Do not stay in the city, go far away, it is desirable to be alone with yourself or nature. Know that everything that happens will benefit you in any case. Always be calm, you are well prepared, and now you can safely accept reality as it appears to you. If you feel very bad, know that it will soon pass and your thoughts and new knowledge will remain, with which you will work all your life. Don't overdo it, you don't have to solve global problems right away, start small. Details can be found on free resources, do not pay attention to the crowds of immature teenagers who do not understand what they are doing and why, do not be like them.

    Never use drugs – they destroy the body and are addictive, destroying your life and the lives of others. Human nature is divine, you can not spoil it with such an attitude.

  4. Read as much literature, forums, and everything related to trips as you can. Write out the most interesting things for yourself. This is something like this: �

    Draw, listen to music (here the main thing is to avoid dark music and low voices, it is better to do something light. Read a book, watch abstract images, videos with fractals, visit certain places, etc. The main thing is to plan everything and set a goal during the trip to do it all. Because when you're already inside another world, it will be very difficult to get ready. It is necessary to initially give the installation.�

    I say all this in order to use this state in all its glory at the very “height”. This is the middle of the trip.

    Why did I write the top one if it's not about “insight and reinterpretation”? Concerns. During that process, you can look at it all from a different angle, but not attach too much importance, BUT when the vivid hallucinations begin to let you go, that third part of the “thousand thoughts in your head” trip will begin. And at this point, you will remember what came to you during the “entertainment” and begin to think deeply about it.�

    In general, as we wrote below, it will all come by itself. The main thing is to find an interlocutor who would ask you questions. And you will respond to him through “a piece of the universe inside you.” This is how I described it after my last trip.

    Comments like “nothing will come by itself” are the response of those who have no practical experience or observations. According to my examples, it was quite the opposite.�

    Drugs are bad.

    Good luck.

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