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  1. Creative thinking to pump only harm!

    But the thinker, who grows up from childhood, needs to be trained to get Creative Thinking.

    In the “Train your Brain” community, I give cases for training.

  2. fantasy and abstract thinking. reading books, drawing, your personal reflections on a particular topic in a special diary + your drawings. ask yourself questions, watch the little things. there are good practical books for “beginners” if you need help as the first steps-books like “destroy me”, it says what and how you need to do – something to stick, what to break, go outside and collect something, and so on. try it.

  3. So, have you already decided how you will spend the long dark night from January 31 to January 10? Yes, it's an old joke, but why forget something that works well?

    On January 1, we are going to meet at 12: 00-attention, not at midnight, but at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, so that on the fourth (fourth, Karl!) once you start the online training “Self-discipline for writers and screenwriters”. In the previous three years, this online training was conducted annually by two thousand people.

    Two thousand people started their year not with oliviers and champagne (what did you even find in this Olivier!), but with daily morning writing, jogging, pouring ice water and motivating online lessons of our training.

    Thanks to our “Self-Discipline”, dozens of books, plays, and screenplays have been written.

    One day I was sitting in a glass conference room at the EKSMO publishing house when a girl knocked on the door. She said that she took my “Self-Discipline” course and wrote two books after it, one already published and the other being prepared for publication. I like to see such circles spread out on the water.

    In general, what is “Self-Discipline for Writers and screenwriters”? This is a FREE training that I have been conducting for the fourth year from January 1 to January 10.

    In this training, I'm not teaching you how to write scripts or books. We don't analyze character systems and structural models of stories.

    We learn self-discipline as writers. No wonder they say that a writer should have an iron ass. Here, if you like, at this training we train that very ass of yours, prepare it, so to speak, for future tests.

    Dozens of real-life techniques are waiting for you, a community of creators who are just as tough as you are, and daily motivating magic pendels.

    To write a great book or screenplay, you need talent and hard work. I can't give you a talent if you don't have one. But I can help you improve your hard work.

    Let's start 2019 the way it deserves to be. And we will spend it so that there will be something to remember later.

  4. For me personally, the main thing was to make constant analogies and parallels. That is, a constant load of the brain with various situations. And because I'm a pure humanist, I do this even when I'm working with numbers.

    I will explain: do not follow various instructions, but look for methods of their implementation in other ways.

    Do not just perform a task set by someone(or yourself), but make it into some kind of illustrative material, a canvas on which you can work. Or fuck it up.

    More recently, I noticed for myself that various pictures help very well in this. Again, for me, the object of study was the works located in Versailles, in each picture of which it is not difficult for me to find something ambiguous. Even if this is my spgs, I hope you've got the gist of it.

    Good luck!

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