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  1. The maximum possible refusal of a smartphone or tablet, with the exception of cases related to professional activities. Reading literature, communicating with real people, expanding the range of interests. Medications, dietary supplements, and diets only work if the above conditions are met. In order to understand how much everything is running – put an application on your gadget that registers the use of the gadget (in simple language – how long you stick in the smartphone). So – if you spend more than 12 hours in a week, then medications and other medical benefits will not help, you need to change your lifestyle!!!

  2. Good afternoon! Practice improvement methods work effectively when used in a comprehensive manner, meaning that they include not only the use of medications (as prescribed by a neurologist), but also practices such as meditation, emotional intelligence management, breathing exercises, and brain training.

    The result is achieved due to the fact that memory begins to improve with a general relaxation of consciousness, a decrease in stress levels and an increase in overall productivity.

  3. Hello! The best way is to train your memory and form new neural connections: reading books, learning a foreign language, playing music, dancing, or learning something new that you are not used to.

  4. I read a large number of answers (I couldn't find them all, if I repeat someone's thought, I'm sorry), they all suggest straining my memory and attention in a certain way. This is certainly true. However, we need to think about the question of whether it is possible to strain the brain and memory more, including? If you have excellent health, a lot of physical strength, then of course you need to develop your brain and mental abilities, then you will have willpower and most of the exercises offered are in your hands. But if the situation is different, you do not have enough vitality, you feel tired (tired), depressed or stressed, then intellectual exercises will not help you, and may even hurt you. The brain consumes a considerable amount of energy that the body produces (up to 20%), and if you do not have enough vital energy and health for everyday life, then it is dangerous to be additionally loaded with intellectual stresses. First, you need to raise your physical level so that you can increase your brain potential. A healthy diet alone is not enough; physical activity, rest, etc. are required. health enhancement techniques. At first, there will probably be some decline in intellectual abilities, but with perseverance and patience, your physical potential will increase, and then your intellectual abilities, memory in particular, will increase.

  5. I would advise you to read this article hereMemory properties , in addition to some simple principles of its operation, the article describes several techniques for using them, I think this can help you. If, by the way, you really care about the topic of memory, get acquainted with the biography of such a person as Joshua Forr. He is our contemporary and you can find his performances on YouTube. The guy was a journalist and came to a mnemonic competition (a specific sport in which the main task is memorization). He was amazed at how people remember the order of cards in 30 decks, reproduce the patterns of snowflakes, reproduce the chapters of books word for word… A year has passed and at the next such competition he is.. became the winner. A person has every right to give advice on this matter, which he does. check out the article, there is also an insert with his TED talk, among other things, which may be interesting for you.

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