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  1. Why kill someone in yourself? It is you and no one else. In society, this is usually not welcome, but if you look closely, you can find among them the same as you-people who are afraid to accept themselves. And don't forget that gays are adored by certain groups of yaoist girls. You should watch out for them 😀

  2. It is unlikely that you will be able to change your orientation. It's normal when you were attracted to women more than men at one time in your life, and then the opposite happened. Suppressing your desires will not lead to anything good, even if a psychologist works with it (and a good psychologist will not even undertake to” correct ” you). You can only hope that interest in girls will appear again.�

    But this applies specifically to attraction. If you absolutely do not want to enter into a romantic and / or sexual relationship with a person of your own sex, then.. Don't do this. That's all.�

    There is no effective means of changing orientation in the world. And attempts to crush your attraction do not end well. Try to accept yourself now.

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