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  1. I hope that the text does not need to be learned by heart, word for word. In this case, the procedure is as follows: first you need to read the text and understand, understand the essence, translate. If there are a lot of new words, then you don't need to write them all out and look them up in the dictionary – you still won't be able to learn them in one day. It is worth seeing, writing out and memorizing verbs and a number of nouns.

    Then write down a detailed outline of the text in English. It should reflect the main thoughts. Then read the text aloud a couple of times. Now try to retell the text by looking at the plan. Does it work? Good. The first time in any case will be confusing and with pauses. Tell me again. Feeling better already? And for the last time! The third time will be much better.�

    But sometimes retelling immediately according to plan can cause difficulties. In this case, retell the text on paper, write down your story. Try not to cheat, you need to write in your own words, and build your own sentences. The words are new, of course, look in the text. When writing, among other things, mechanical memory is activated, which contributes to memorization.

    It also helps to memorize images that represent objects and phenomena. To do this, you need to close your eyes and, pronouncing a word, phrase or sentence, present a picture in your head.�

    You can also record your retelling on a voice recorder, but you will definitely not like it the first time – it will be an incentive to improve and improve your story. When you start liking the recording for the fifth or ninth time, listen to yourself and draw a plot in your head, as if you are watching a movie.

    If the text is large (or scares a lot of strangers), divide it into two or three parts and sort it out in parts. Take breaks from studying, get distracted, then come back. And turning off your phone and social media chats while you're immersed in text will greatly increase the efficiency of the process.

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