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  1. When I was small( I went to the 1st grade), my mother brought a political map of the world from somewhere, and it became my favorite toy, I learned all the capitals of the world crawling on it.�

    a neighbor who studied in the 10th echzamenoval me then, naming the country, and I called the capital.

    Of course, over time, some pairs of “country-capital” were forgotten, but if you learned them once, then it is very easy to restore it in memory later

    You can argue about the importance of this knowledge, it is better to learn something more applicable in life. However, remembering myself in the 1st grade, I was very proud to have learned all the capitals of the world, and since then I love geography very much. I think this is a good way to instill a love of geography in children. children love to look at all sorts of maps, study them

  2. The easiest and fastest way is through games/quizzes, particularly online quizzes. For example:�
    The gameCapitals of the World” – in English, a simple browser-based quiz on the capitals of the world.�
    The Android app:”Capitals of the world-quiz” – in Russian. Surely there is something similar for iOS.�
    GEO magazine Test “Capitals of the World ” – a very simple interface test, but counts points and allows you to change the difficulty levels.

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