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  1. Fast and budget-friendly… Does this happen?�

    Among the almost free options for immersion in the language environment, I can name volunteering in an English-speaking country, or any other country where there will be volunteers from different countries and you will have to communicate in English. But it is important to understand that you should already have basic knowledge of the language, and this experience will help you learn how to apply it, and perhaps enrich your vocabulary. By the way, you can become a volunteer at any age, the main thing is to choose the right project.�

    But this method of learning a language is not a systematic and fast one. This is one of the ways of language practice.

    But if we talk about convenient and effective ways to learn English, then, most likely, classes via Skype, with a one-on-one teacher, according to a convenient and most effective schedule just for you. There are already a lot of schools: large, medium and quite small, some of them work with a tutor without any schools. I personally like the approach in http://skyeng.ru/go/try. Because there is not only a teacher, but also a specially created program for specific goals and objectives, an electronic interactive textbook, a dictionary and other cool things that are constantly being developed so that the motivation to learn does not disappear.

  2. The easiest, fastest, and most likely completely free way to learn English is to make friends with a native speaker and periodically communicate with them orally or in writing. First of all, such an acquaintance is initially incredibly interesting – it seems to me that many people want to find out from a foreigner why he lives in Russia. Secondly, communication with a person for whom English is a native language will allow you to quickly learn the vocabulary necessary for maintaining a conversation and feel the subtleties of the language that are not taught in educational institutions.

    The second interesting option, perhaps a little more expensive, is conversation clubs. But there are so many of them divorced that you may have to search for your own company on “talk” for some time by trial and error.

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