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  1. I agree with everyone who answers, and I would like to add that in addition to the outlook, you also need to understand your audience. If instead of making a joke, you sharply insulted everyone, then they are unlikely to thank you.

    Most of the jokes that many people find funny are based on various stereotypes, often demeaning. You can try to avoid them. This is generally the best option, but it requires incredible skill and talent, a sense of proportion, and so on. You can experiment with making your joke more elegant.

    Or you can just select a certain target audience and make jokes for them, ignoring the feelings of everyone else who is not important to you. Are you kidding for sysadmins? Jokes about an accountant who forgot to turn on the printer, about humanitarians, about women's groups, about tyzhadmin are in your hands. Are you kidding in accounting? Don't even think about thinking about these topics. And so it is with any target group. In your chosen circles, you will appear funny.

  2. It is worth paying attention to the currently popular topics and memes. Look at what is happening around you and what most people are talking about, what they are joking about. New jokes are often synthesized from old ones and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

  3. There is some serious truth in the response of the above-described Tatiana. Nothing is created outside of experience.

    But I would say otherwise: the ability to correctly joke appears, according to my observations, along with knowledge and a broad outlook. The answer, therefore, is simple: read, watch, listen, and notice. Fiction from different eras, sci-fi pop, films, and audio performances. Anything. Take an interest in what is happening and develop your opinion. Go to the theater, it's not so much more expensive than a movie session that you can't afford it once a month or two. Take a closer look and you will be surprised how much history likes to repeat itself and, having made a circle, again make the old plot relevant. Cultural baggage is your key. You can't teach a sense of humor, but you can grow it in yourself.

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