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  1. First, check out Petrosyan. So you will learn how not to joke funny. After that, consider whether to start. In general, it is impossible to learn this, the sense of humor is innate or absorbed from others from birth. I recommend you to be born in Odessa, I guarantee that you will always be joking and very funny. Others just don't survive there..

  2. They say that a sense of humor is related to the level of intelligence – the smarter a person is,the funnier the joke.

    This statement is ambiguous, but it has a truthful basis. The wider a person's horizons and interests are, the more situations they can beat with humor.

    Healthy humor, as well as sarcasm, and other varieties of entertaining eloquence, should be appropriate. It is the relevance and timeliness of a joke that ensures its success. And for a joke to be relevant, it is important to say it not only in the right situation, but also in the right society. Different cultural characteristics, worldviews, and ethical norms dictate different conditions for humor.

    And how does this relate to intelligence?

    Intelligence is not just a number, the result of an IQ test, but a set of knowledge. The ability to correctly analyze the situation and cultural characteristics of society for an adequate assessment of the situation will allow you to react wittily, make a funny joke and not hurt anyone's feelings. But the joke also needs to be remembered in order to apply it. Thus, thinking and memory are directly related to a sense of humor.

    You can develop a sense of humor by expanding your horizons.�

    Cultural education, studying the characteristics of various social groups – through literature and art-will allow you to navigate the situation in order to effectively joke and be understood. Flexibility of mind and attention to detail are important for mastering this art.

    So, to make a funny and appropriate joke, you need to:

    • expand your horizons,
    • develop memory, attention and thinking skills,
    • keep your brain toned.

    All this requires regular training. The Wikium service offers a personalized training program for your brain. Game simulators based on scientific research comprehensively develop mental acuity and stimulate thinking.

    On the example of famous and successful stand-up comedians, you can trace this relationship — they all have a broad outlook, are aware of current news, correctly analyze the situation and very accurately choose the moment for a joke. It is useful to watch them, for example, watch regular issuesThe Ellen DeGeneres Show or appearancesLouis C. K. or Jimmy Carr on YouTube. In addition, everyday, universal humor is clearly shown in TV shows, for example, in the legendary “Friends” (Friends 1994-2004).

  3. I will allow myself to add to the idea of Andrey, which is very close to me…

    You just need to read a lot and observe life) Humor and constructive laughter are an extension of human intelligence. Not a blinkered, rather free, observant, gentle person. True, few people can make a good joke and laugh…) You can probably learn to joke like that somehow. And this is still not given to everyone.

  4. You go with your friends, and suddenly one of them falls. For one moment, everyone is stunned into silence, but the next they start laughing together over the fallen man. There was a psychological release in people's minds due to the change of context from the tense “he fell and could have crashed” to the positive “he fell, but everything is fine with him”.

    With the development of speech, people also developed their ability to laugh from changing contexts in general. The moment of bewilderment, after which a person begins to laugh, is achieved due to the existence of many ambiguities in the language.

    There are many examples of ambiguities.

    This is the caviar of words, and the irony of Vitali Klitschko's eloquence, and three more hundred… about three hundred different literary techniques.

    Master them and practice them every day.

    You can develop a sense of humor, go for it!

    P.S. A detailed analysis of the basic techniques of jokes: humorlab.ru

  5. For a good joke, you need three things: two unrelated life situations and a witty transition between them. For example:

    • I have nothing to wear!
    • Not “put on”, but “put on”.
    • I mean, I don't have any clothes at all.
    • Not “clothes”, but “hopes”.

    At the same time, one of the two situations is usually the situation that occurs here and now. So you just need to pick up another situation that is familiar to the recipient of the joke, and then wittily connect it with what is happening. Only practice will help here. Do this a thousand times, and it will be obtained at any time at will. Make ten thousand and you won't be able to hold back at all (like Urgant).

  6. As in any business, this requires practice. Joke mnooooooo-a lot. And even bullying your stupid jokes will already cause laughter and teach you a lot. And relax, otherwise puknite0

  7. Reading books by good, talented comedians is the surest way to acquire a high-quality sense of humor, as well as generate jokes yourself. If you have come to love and understand people like O'Henry, Jerome K. Jerome, Bulgakov, Chekhov, Mark Twain from childhood, you will not have to participate in conversations. Yes, by the way, the biographical books of V. Shenderovich – in my opinion, a worthy example of an unusually realistic, brilliant sense of humor.

  8. Read it, gentlemen, read it. A sense of humor directly depends on the intelligence of a given person, their breadth of horizons and everyday experience (it does not necessarily depend on age, because, for example, you can learn to peel potatoes for the first time both at 5 years and at 20).

    Developing each of these points will increase your sense of humor, or more precisely, your predisposition to wit.

  9. Watch good, high-quality movies and stand-ups (not a dumpster called TNT or STS) and most importantly-communicate with people whose sense of humor you like. Learn their tricks and jokes. Treat everything with a bit of humor, learn to see the funny where at first glance it does not exist.

  10. Above, a lot of correct things have been said about the need to expand your horizons, develop a sense of language, and read more classics of humorous and satirical prose. By the way, I would also add Andrey Knyshev and his “Also a book for me” to that list, he is a master of punning. But there are also quite specific manuals on how to correctly joke. Every joke has a construction. And there are several such templates. Roughly, they can be reduced to two components: serving and finishing. To make a joke happen, you need to create a situation — this is the pitch. This can be a 5-word situation, or it can consist of a paragraph of text (for example, an anecdote). Finishing off is a paradoxical resolution of a previously proposed situation, an unexpected way out of it, or its outcome. You will find more information about this, for example, in the book “Eight Comedic Characters” by Scott Sedita, in which the author demonstrates these very constructions using the example of popular humorous series (in addition to telling about the ensemble of types that no sensible sitcom can do without).

  11. A good joke has several objects. Tits, ass and genitourinary system, because the stock of jokes about these parts of the body is simply inexhaustible. The homeric laughter that comes from the neighbor's kitchen through the wall in the middle of the night is the result of someone's timely wit, and also gives an indescribable closeness between good neighbors. Intersex relationships are all those intellectual jokes about wives, husbands of lovers and mistresses that give a special charm to gatherings behind garages with beer. And for dessert – the so-called Odessa humor, which causes the author to vomit, along with the picture of Mark Twain and O'Henry, Dickens and Somerset Maugham turning over in their coffins.

  12. Contrary to the elegant essay of Viktor Anatolyevich, you can learn to joke, of course. Writers of programs like “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live” have the ability to consistently and in a short time give out dozens of jokes, obviously not from birth.

    To learn something, you need to repeatedly “dissect” worthy samples, trying to formulate the principle that leads to the required reaction. Here, for example, are short stand-up jokes (citaty.info):

    “There is a stereotype that if a wife is younger than her husband, she is with him only for the sake of money. I don't believe in this nonsense. But just in case, I don't work regularly.” A common phraseological/situational turn is played here – someone lives with someone for the sake of money. The author tests this stereotype by offering to do something with money. Alternative ending: “I don't believe in this nonsense… but the bank account just in case the fireman reissued to my mother.”

    “My girlfriend constantly complains that I don't buy her flowers. What does it matter to her where I get them?” The same situation, the author seems to turn inside out the well-known expression: flowers can be bought, and you can pick or steal.

    A hundred or two prepared jokes, and you will have accumulated a dozen principles of joke generation.

  13. This is, of course, a slight provocation, and I can just see Tonya's sly grin on those words – for the very statement of the question portends disaster. Now professionals will strain themselves, answer-and millions of fellow citizens will finally have access to the technology of making the right joke. Then the feast of wit begins…


    For there is nothing more painful than a person who is determined to make a joke. As a rule, he is completely devoid of a sense of humor – and this is the curse of any feast! One such enthusiast can plunge up to fifty normal people into a quagmire of embarrassment…

    And only if you beat him in time with a fly swatter or preemptively wrap his mouth with tape, like Tarantino's character, will the party have a chance! And rest assured: there's a great joke coming up at this table soon.

    It will be born as only a joke can be born: by itself… From the sudden effervescent reaction of the intellect to reality, like lye to water. Or like the ping-pong of thought-a thesis, an antithesis, a twisted ball of paradox…

    Two or three light smart people, a common theme, a common denominator of books read, a couple of cute listeners who have not only eyes, but also ears – and now, completing the combination, someone hammers in an irresistible reprise to the laughter of the table.

    It almost doesn't matter who did it: the neighbor would have done it in a second. For it was a thought that led to the joke!

    This is probably the recipe: a thought that precedes a joke. And certainly clothed in a paradox-unexpected, having time to do a pirouette in the air!

    People who are able to perform such a somersault-mortale regularly, solo and artistically – happiness and joy of their environment, its chance for real reflection, and therefore: improvement of the breed. For laughter confirms the accuracy of the diagnosis – and is not subject to appeal.


    This is Grigory Gorin.

    Can you learn to joke like that? No, of course not. Because first you need to learn to live like this, to see like this, to think like this. The rapier thrust of Gorinsky's dialogue, the music of Zhvanetsky thought, Bulgakov's poison, the double bottom of Zoshchenkov's simplicity, the heavy stigma of Shchedrin's formulations, Herzen's bile…

    You can't learn to do this.

    But you can enjoy the immaculate order of other people's words and the sharpness of other people's thoughts, show remarkable taste – and keep silent in time. Avoid the husk of meaningless “humorous” chatter and humorous enthusiasm, protect yourself from the shame of genitourinary pop success… No joke running around in circles at full speed, like a chicken without a head.

    There is no such task – to make a joke! A normal person does not and cannot have such a task. This slippery slope leads to KVN, and this is not the limit of moral decline. (I was joking, yes).

    Do you remember what name Ilf and Petrov gave the professional wit from The Twelve Chairs? A man who produced up to sixty first-rate jokes a month? If you remember, you probably don't need to know anything more about this grueling specialty…

    To hell with it. Don't learn to joke, brothers and sisters. I withdraw this penance from you. Just live for your own pleasure, do not forget to look around. And if your head is clear and your eyes are clear, one day a great joke will come flying into your head from nowhere…

  14. Well, how can I tell you, dear ones? It's a joke like a child not born – you expect a lot, but it doesn't come out very well. Listen to classics, read good songs. A fertile environment for developing a sense of humor is a shitty and depressing life, so we will succeed.

  15. Joke-fish.

    It soars above the surface of the pool of consciousness.

    Really by itself, not dragged out by bait or seine.

    Glistens in the light of reason.

    Sometimes a small childish slip of the tongue.

    Infrequently – the result of many years of cultural “feeding”.

    “Say something funny and you'll see how low you are, to put it mildly.”..

  16. Of course it is possible. There are many serious books on the sense of humor. You can develop a sense of humor by expanding your horizons, learning what is funny for different people. Well, the form of constructing a joke has long been known. First, give information, and then develop the conclusion unexpectedly for the listener.�

    Stirlitz fell from the 10th floor, but miraculously caught on the balcony and survived. In the morning, the miracle swelled up and made it difficult to walk.

  17. In order for a person to laugh, the joke should be individually tailored to them, i.e. it should relate to their area of interest and not be too difficult to understand. For example, if you say to a random person :” I program in html” (html is not a programming language, lol), they may not understand this, because this does not concern their field of interest, but I would smile) Also, when telling a joke, or just being witty, it should be accompanied by appropriate facial expressions. Some people, saying things that aren't funny at all, can only make you smile by the way they do it (after all, everyone knows people who laugh at their own jokes and make others laugh because of this). Also, there are some patterns or memes that help you come up with a funny joke, you can study them. I hope it helped)

  18. What do you mean professionally? That is, always looking for something rzhachnoe and sell it? And if just in everyday life-it's a delicate balance, maybe talent. In a cat in the right proportion of intelligence, observation, a sense of fun, sadness, a drop of bile. I even think that this is the pinnacle of the evolution of intelligence. Therefore, if you want it so much, you need to develop all of the above…but not the fact that it will work. Especially if it's an end in itself.

  19. Live in Russia, communicate a lot with fools, do not lose hope. )

    In general, it is dangerous to make funny jokes in our country (the truth is also true outside of it). Here, some experts refer to the opinion about the connection of humor with intelligence, if this is so, then probably the danger is too categorical demonstration of it,because stupid jokes are offended much less than smart ones, you will agree.

    Most authoritative sources agree on the need to take into account the level of the audience in order to 1) make a joke about the audience so that the audience does not understand it 2) avoid getting into a situation where the joke will be accidentally perceived by the overwhelming majority of physically developed viewers at their expense. Since it is still difficult to completely avoid these situations, it is recommended to pay additional attention to 1) a safe distance from the audience for you 2) your physical development (at least running) 3) economic independence (for example, Diogenes).

    It's good that only intellectuals gather on this site: you can always make a funny joke and no one will even bother you.).

  20. So that's it. Do not listen to everything that is advised above.

    Make jokes. Joke often, joke a lot.

    Take the quantity first. For each phrase in the company, try to come up with a joke. If it doesn't work, then use a rhyme. You can rhyme with any word (read about lexical reduplication). Rhyme with the root x*y will always save the situation.

    • Let's buy this sofa

    • Fuck evan! it's orange!

    • But a plush one!

    • X*yushevy!

    It is better not to abuse it.

    Watch humorous (foreign) shows. Read the classics of humor.

    My advice about “don't listen to everything above” is to ignore it. Learn the theory of humor. There is one. Andrey Kravchenko on YouTube and the like.

    The main thing is to get used to the fact that a joke is your permanent state. Otherwise, she will remain exhausted. Unsuccessful jokes will be hidden against the background of successful ones, but these will remain. Training sessions, training sessions.

    Don't be shy. Do not be afraid of a rude joke in the company of girls (if you are sad, they will not give you anything anyway, but there is a chance). Don't be afraid of the mat. Don't be afraid of black humor. Make jokes about the victims of terrorist attacks. Make jokes about higher mathematics. Remove all forbidden topics – there are none. For training , make a joke about yourself and your grandmother. Experiment with it.

    It's going to be funny, not ssy

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