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  1. “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away” by Pablo Picasso.

    If you have a desire to live your life with passion, then start by looking for a life vocation. This will help you find something you like that will bring you satisfaction and inspiration.

  2. Know that this life is like a leveling game – you can be anything.You can live anywhere,learn any profession,choose what you really want and be happy even from this fact of choice.Just go ahead and don't doubt yourself.

  3. Usually “such questions” indicate that understanding is about to come. You are on the threshold of understanding. Understanding just has one unpleasant moment: at first, the world (things, relationships, the meaning of life) becomes unobvious, not self-sufficient. Or, misunderstanding is a mandatory moment of understanding. And more. Understanding is not a “head action”. Well, I sat down in the pose of “Rodin's thinker” and you understand, you understand, you understand. Understanding is the practice of the space of understanding. With what? Books, paintings, science, philosophy (religion for believers). I recommend conversations with a living philosopher.

  4. You don't have to misunderstand. Do not understand and seek understanding, and when you reach it, the unknown will move further away. And you will search again. Most do this unconsciously, and only a few are able to search consciously. And everything that happens in the search process is called life in an illusion (hologram, simulation, etc.). All these invented meanings, explanations and excuses are life. A person lives while searching, and as soon as he convinces himself that he has achieved his goal and now knows everything, he stops living. The search result and its truth do not matter at all. If you are told what your life should be like, you will have no choice. Lack of freedom of choice means that your life, whatever it may be, has been taken away from you. Freedom must be paid for with individual responsibility. If it was decided for you, then you are nobody and share your responsibility with the person who made the decision. Going separately, following others, or leading by yourself is also freedom of choice. Each choice has its own measure of responsibility and its own reward. You can also just live and go with the flow of circumstances, but then do not ask questions and do not look for answers to them.

  5. Life is a gift from God.

    “…but the gift of God is life … ” (Rom. 6: 23)

    He knows why he gave it to me. Therefore it is necessary to live in such a way as to please the life giver,

    “Be wise, my son, and make my heart glad” (Prov.27:11)

    By living our lives meaningfully, we will be happy ourselves. In this way, we will show that we appreciate God's gift of life and are grateful to him for it. And in due time, he will never leave us or forget us, because he wants to give eternal life full of meaning to all people who obey Him.

    “…but the gift of God is eternal life … ” (Rom. 6: 23)

    The Bible says what you need to do to receive eternal life from God, another gift. Would you like to know the answer from the Bible? Why don't people live forever today and what do you need to do to get eternal life?

  6. Just calm down.And start any search,but there I'm sure that something will fly off as unnecessary, something on the contrary will stick.The main thing is not to sit on a stool,I hope it is available,but to act.

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