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  1. Flexibility of mind and perception of the new, in fact, has a very indirect relationship to age and old age, there is no such diagnosis of “old age”, i.e. it is a mistake to assume that “flexibility of mind” and “perception of the new” somehow generally relate to the phenomenon called “old age”.

    And among the so-called “young” there are many owners of a very inflexible mind with a complete lack of the ability to perceive something new. To begin with, you should accept natural aging as an unavoidable fact, then you will not have to obsessively prepare for old age in any particular way, but you will be able to enter this period naturally and, as a result, being in your right mind.�

    Fortunately or unfortunately, there are no universal recipes for maintaining the flexibility of the mind and the ability to perceive new things. In general, it's not so much about puzzles and vitamins, but about being passionate about life in general – and in general, and in particular, in the presence of some business or hobby that keeps a stable interest, in communicating with family and in movement. All together-having fun. If we do not know how to have fun, then we are “old” at any age.

  2. I support the answer given earlier. I would like to add that communication with representatives of different generations should be maintained, and this is especially important in old age. It is also necessary to regularly read literature, perhaps writing some of your own small memoirs, for example. That is, not only the absorption of information, but also its processing. And one more point that is relevant in the answer to almost any life question is a hobby. Do what gives you pleasure. The same knitting (if we are talking about the older generation) causes a rapid process of aging convolutions.

    When I was a student, I rarely skipped anyone's classes, but one of my favorite teachers, who was 86 years old at the time, taught so well that I never thought about skipping her lectures. So much wisdom, charisma, femininity in her. To be honest, I really admired the way she thinks at her rather advanced age.

  3. Don't let your mind get lazy ! �Solve problems, crosswords, riddles, etc. �Here as with physical form, threw dumbbells in the far corner, stopped moving – sank !

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