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  1. The best option is freelancing. Don't be afraid of it.At the end, I will leave useful articles about where to look for free training materials on freelance specialties, and where to look for a job.

    And not only for money, this is the best option. Freelancing is a very convenient thing for both school and university, because the schedule is flexible and you can only work in the evenings.

    Also, 17 years is the best time to start. First, you already have a need for money, which means you're less likely to quit. Secondly, freelance specialties are already ready-made professions. In fact, you will already have a good, high-paying profession before university. And third, it's much easier to find a job remotely, especially when you live in a small city. In this regard, freelancing has no boundaries, you can find vacancies in other cities and even countries.

    As promised, I leave useful links at the end if you want to try it:

    Just choose an activity that suits your taste, find options for training and internships, free practice, or first orders on the exchange. Over time, there will be regular customers and a steady income.

    I hope I was able to give you a hint.

  2. If you are from the hinterland, you can try your hand at remote work, such as, for example: web design, creating websites from scratch, and so on. Entering this field of activity is not so difficult, yes, you will have to sit for various lessons and practices for a month, but it's worth it.�

    I have, for example, from 0 to an average of $ 300-400 per month as a hobby, it took only 4 months, I understand that for someone this money is not a special indicator, but for a city with a population of ~30 thousand people, it's not so bad. The main thing is to try yourself in something new every time.

    I never thought I'd be doing this myself.

    Maybe you have something to develop in this area.�

    Yeah, and I'm 17, too, just like you.

  3. In fact, there are a lot of ways to earn money, even while sitting at home. Of course, I'm not talking about pyramids, casinos and other nonsense. In this article, I will NOT tell you what exactly I earn, so if you came here for this, you can read the following comment 🙂 Here I will try only to direct teenagers and not only on the right vector of thinking.

    Short background: even when I was in high school (I was 14-15 years old at that time), if we were led somewhere in an organized way with the class (for example, theater, etc.), it happened that after a tedious performance I wanted to go somewhere (McDonald's, Pizza, etc.), and just for some mini-yummy treats, “rattles” I also wanted to have funds. The only problem for me was money. I was never given “pocket money”, I don't know why, but I was not at all angry with my parents, I always understood that they needed it more, and I could live without anything. So that's when I thought, what if I earn at least small expenses myself? Of course, I didn't have a dozen business plans in my head at once, and even in the next six months I didn't start doing anything.

    Everything actually came to the surface quite randomly. I was interested in one topic (again, I don't say what exactly, I'm not doing it out of greed, but for some reason), which was just interesting to me. I read a lot about it, I was just interested, I even talked to 1 little man in my life, we discussed some news. It didn't make me any money, it was just interesting. At one point, the Vkontakte group, which was the official representative of the topic I was interested in, started holding regular contests (make a repost, put a like, do a few more actions…). You will think “and what is the profit?”. The problem is that you don't “fight” with thousands of reposters for a single prize. Everyone who makes the above “repost + some actions” “fights” only with themselves. Yes, I can imagine how strange this sounds, but I can't explain it any other way. And the fact is that for the “repost + some actions” actions, only VK accounts and accounts in another place were needed, which were registered in a minute (oh, yes, more emails were needed ) that's all. As you can see, creating a bunch of posts is not difficult, and buying VK accounts is also not a problem right now. Yes, according to the rules of the contest organizers, you can't create a bunch of accounts, but who cares? (Perhaps someone who has read this far has already guessed what it is about). This is their hole, if they allow it to be done and turn a blind eye to it, then why not. Doing the same actions: register here, link here, record it here and here, and make 50 more clicks of the same type is a chore, but it's worth it. From one such contest, I could earn both 1000 and 10 thousand rubles. There was a certain risk that sooner or later it would be covered up and you would lose something once at the contest. Once this happened, I lost a mere penny compared to what I earned. And then on the knurled line. Again, a topic that I am JUST interested in and at one point I will learn about a way to make money on it. I try, a month of failures, the second month, I decide to study this topic in more detail, I find VK publics with similar topics, the admin is a real pro there, I read all the comments under posts for 3 years of public (I spend 2 weeks on this), write out what is not clear, Google, write down, analyze. The main thing in this topic was to come up with something of your own, and not use already invented schemes. I try it – it turns out that this business is beginning to generate income. And then the first topic pulls a similar one and it turns out to have a passive income. Approximately the same thing comes out of the second topic and it also turns out to have a passive profit, albeit quite a penny. 2 times a year now 1 more topic has appeared, which is somehow connected with the first one. You won't earn much on it either, but almost nothing is required of you (by the way, you also need to invest there initially, but soon everything will come back to you at times).

    In fact, in real life, I'm not smart at all, if not stupid, then close to it. All I have is logic, I guess. It was she who helped me earn money. I had absolutely no knowledge of “how to make money, what to do for it”. Yes, I was familiar with this topic, but I didn't have any specific knowledge. You can say that I started everything from scratch in all the topics. Whatever I was interested in brought me income. It is clear that something really needed to be invested at the very beginning (the same VK accounts), without this, it is unlikely that you will be able to start earning. Another advantage is that you work for yourself, you don't owe anyone anything. There is a mood – sat down to work, no mood-lay down on the couch. Also, the advantage is that I did all this exclusively at home, and the disadvantage is that I always need a PC to work.
    Once again, this is not a scam, no bids, etc. There is no need to shake for every ruble, you see everything for yourself, you control everything yourself. Someone will say that I poured out so much water here, but there is no other way. If I was able to earn the first 100 thousand at the age of 17, how are you worse off? Be interested in something, do not Google “earnings on the Internet” and the like. The topics I deal with are sooooo narrow-profile. They are probably engaged in a maximum of a million people all over the world. You have to find something unconventional, something that tens of millions around the world don't know about, because there are fewer people, more oxygen. The conclusion is: go for it, study, sooner or later you will find a way to make money in the field that interests you, I guarantee you. I would also like to note that everything is legal, everything is absolutely legal, I did not breed anyone for any purchases, subscriptions, and so on.�

    Yes, for some, the comment will seem boring, “oh, nothing sensible”, but the main idea here is that absolutely anyone can find a mini-job and they will definitely have enough for small expenses per month. Develop, discover something new and everything will be fine 🙂

  4. Working as a waiter is not even a bad option. If you have time, you can sit on various materials on web design/development, gain knowledge, and start earning money in this way. Also, no one canceled their work as a promoter, but this depends on the size of the city. In general, if you dig around and ask around with friends , then there is a high probability that you will be able to find a job.
    UPD. by the way, copywriting exchanges are also a good option

  5. Barista, this is probably the best job that could have fallen on me at the age of 17. Now there are a lot of coffee shops that take students and schoolchildren to work, and at the same time pay quite well, given that some coffee shops teach this for free. In the summer, I earned a steady 22,000 a month, and during school hours, working a few hours a day, after the lyceum, I earned 15,000.

  6. In general, it's all a matter of chance, I say who just did not work in the road service through the employment center, quite a hell of a job and a promoter because it's not a shame when you earn at least a little money for personal expenses, now through my mother I got a job in a cleaning company and earn quite decently it used to be 38 tr and I worked at night 3-4 hours, now due to the fact that the World Cup was held I earn half less than 24 tr it's just a matter of chance ask your relatives if they have any friends who need workers for at least some work.

  7. To make money here and now… well, probably by courier. And so, in order to learn relatively quickly and then on the Internet, you can become a content manager, context manager (set up ads in Google and Yandex), etc. advertising to some kind of “traffic arbitration”. This is how you can earn money. And the question “how to make good money” people can not find the answer even in 50 years…

  8. Now I am 17 and I have been working as a “loader” for 4 years. It all started at the age of 13, when my friend's mother asked us to unload goods at her store. For which we received 4,000 for the three of us( in 2013 and at the age of thirteen, this was wealth for us). So then it was every 2 weeks. Time each such time took ~3 hours. �

    At the age of 16, we were called to another unloading session. This doesn't really affect your life, because we work during the day and in the evening 1-2 times a week for three hours. And the money brings ~12-15000 thousand per month. For a seventeen-year-old, I think it's quite good, I don't really strain myself.

    I don't remember the last time I asked my mother for money for something.

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