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  1. Marina, to understand how to numb the pain, let's first understand the essence of what exactly you want to drown out.

    Usually, in a situation of loss, a person has a state of grief, which, although very unpleasant, is very important for us. It helps us adapt to a new life without this loved one.

    Therefore, there is such a recommendation that at the first stages it is better to let this state perform its necessary work in us. And only then, if relief does not occur for a long time, only then proceed to special measures.

    As for “numbing the pain”, here we are talking about the emotions that you experience in this state. Emotions can be like this:

    • Sadness, melancholy

    • Anger at yourself or your circumstances

    • Fear for the future

    • Despair

    Each of these emotions signals a certain process that is happening inside you. Therefore, it requires a detailed examination of the intensity of each emotion in order to understand what mechanisms inside you need to be affected in order to”numb the pain”.

    For these purposes, psychology has developed various methods aimed not only at reducing your emotional suffering, but also at understanding the meaning of what happened.

    I'll tell you more about how to help people in such situations in this video: https://youtu.be/W4yLSNErMCU

  2. How unfair it is that death sooner or later takes the person we love with it. And if this has already happened, how sad it is to think that we will never talk, laugh or hug with him again!

    The words of the Apostle Paul recorded in Acts 24: 15, ” Having hope in God that there will be a resurrection of the dead, both just and unrighteous … “The assurance that our loved one is now in heaven is not a panacea for all the torments of the soul.The Bible speaks of a very different kind of hope,the Bible shows that in the near future we will be able to meet our loved ones who have died— and not somewhere in heaven, but here on earth, in peaceful and just conditions. In addition, over time, people will become perfectly healthy and will never die. “Well,” some will probably object, ” it will tell you fairy tales!”How could we make sure that this future isn't a fairy tale at all? We believe a promise when we know for sure that the giver is both willing and able to fulfill it. Who in this case promises that the dead will come to life?Jesus Christ, in the spring of A.D. 31, confidently promised: “As the Father raises the dead and gives life, so the Son gives life to whom He wills. Do not marvel at this, for the time is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear the voice of the Son of God and come out. ” 5:21, 28,�29). Yes, yes, Jesus promised that millions of people who are no longer alive today will once again inhabit the earth and live on it forever in peaceful, paradisiacal conditions.There is no doubt that in time people will become perfectly healthy and will never die.

  3. I know for a fact the pain can't be drowned out It's in your head you always go to bed with this pain and get up with it What do you not do this pain always bores your heart Time?…….Time doesn't heal it just dulls the pain, the pain that always comes out

  4. The pain of losing her Daughter probably won't go away, but the awareness and belief that she is happy there Helps and dulls this pain of prayer, we read all the time, every day ,we go to the cemetery to put flowers.as long as Sami lives she will be with us in our memory

  5. If I knew the answer, I wouldn't be reading all the responses and articles right now. It hurts, it hurts very much 8 months since my husband died, and the pain is getting worse. And I, like an obsessive, keep looking for an answer, what to do if I don't see myself without my beloved husband, if I can't accept death and accept it, contrary to common sense

  6. You can't numb the pain. You need to learn to live with this pain. Learn. How a small child learns to walk or say, ” Rrrrrr…”. Waiting for the pain to pass is like waiting for it to never rain or wind again.

  7. It's impossible. The pain only grows, tearing everything inside, turning it inside out. They say that you need to hold on, you need to pull yourself together, but How… How to do it? There is no response and will not be. Today is 40 days since the death of my husband, the same pain, nothing can drown it out, time will not cope either. You just need to survive somehow….. And why…?

  8. Yes, nothing! It seems that you continue to live, you try! Thank God, there is someone for whom! You work, communicate, smile, everything is just like everyone else! But inside, such pain… And there is no escape from it! I still can't look at the photo, even though it's been 2.6 years. And when you're alone, at least howl. This pain can never be stifled, it is with us forever, and we get used to living with it!

  9. I do not know how to numb the pain of loss. I myself am trying to cope with this very pain and so far nothing is working out for me. My husband died 6 months ago. I still haven't learned how to live without him. Tears every day. It happens that I forget myself a little, and then it will flash through my whole body with a wild pain – IT IS NOT THERE AND NEVER WILL BE… And anyone who advises something, for example-we must accept, we are all mortal, etc., etc., I will say – it is necessary to experience it firsthand (God forbid of course) and give advice is not necessary to people who are suffering at the moment. And I can't recommend anything to anyone.

  10. Nothing can numb the pain…. The loss of a loved one I can't accept and understand, it's been 2 months since he was gone. There's such a huge wound in my soul that it makes me want to howl. The brain can't accept that it doesn't exist. For the first forty days, I was at the grave every day, physically felt his presence next to me, talked to me, only there it became easier. Now, because of the weather, I drive less often. The pain doesn't go away or even dull……

  11. Nothing!Destroyed lives cannot be restored.Outwardly, you seem to hold on to people, talk, do something, but in reality you don't need anything anymore.And no amount of time heals anything, all these are empty words.

  12. This is a very difficult question for any person, especially for a woman. The more attached we are to a person, the more painful it is to lose them. This is a kind of “payment” for the emotional level of the relationship. You can advise a lot of things: to be more with friends and family, to engage in your favorite hobby, to communicate with animals, to go to relax, and so on. You definitely don't need to jam it with alcohol or anything else like that… But, as practice shows, the best healer of time in such a situation, your brain should work back… Hold on, everything will get better

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