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  1. You have now practically asked how to quit smoking)

    Or lose weight.

    In general, it's simple: a complete break in contact (here with food it won't work, but with everything else it usually does).

    Really-very, very different.�

    If “just stop doing it!” as in the famous video from the Internet does not work-well, to a psychologist, psychotherapist, with a penny, for support… Then the chances will increase.

  2. Any addiction is a way of compensating the body for some dissatisfaction. Therefore, of course, overcoming addiction begins with certain steps.

    1. Realize that I'm addicted
    2. Identify the pros and cons of this behavior. Behind every plus is an unmet need
    3. Develop a behavior that allows me to meet my needs in a different, more eco-friendly way.
    4. Create a supportive environment where I can do this.
    5. Develop a program that will help you change your lifestyle
    6. Take the first step in implementing this program.

    Of course, overcoming any addiction is work, it is a process, not an event. And that's why it's very difficult to do it yourself, you need to look for a supporting environment. If you want to be rich, go to people who are already rich and start communicating with them, if you want to be healthy, go to people who have learned how to do it. The same principle applies when it comes to coping with addiction.

  3. Psychological dependence can not be overcome independently. A person will always justify his addiction for himself, so an unbiased view from the outside is always needed. It is better if it is the opinion of a specialist, an addictologist, with experience working with dependent people. You can also find self-help groups based on your interests, but this doesn't guarantee anything. In any case, this is a process, the work is long and serious, tablets have not yet been invented).

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