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  1. Let's start by increasing the degree of inadequacy 1. Study all 11 years, not the last 1-6 months. 2. Or at least the last three years 3. Pay/negotiate, if you know where and there is something for it. 4. Roll it up. There are plenty of options. I'm not sure about the authenticity, but we saw the guy write everything on a piece of paper, a piece of paper in a paper clip, on a thread outside the window. I picked up the folder, sent it to the reference point, and sent the answers in reverse order. Dialers in casts. It seemed that I was able to convince myself that it was the bracket that was beeping on the metal detector. 5. A miracle. That invisible friend of yours that you believe in comes down to you, illuminates you, and you give up. 6. The Unified State Exam will be abruptly canceled.
    Success in this field of unequal battles

  2. To write off, of course, is an excellent option, but a lot is at stake, and you can't write off an exam for a decent score, except to clarify some points that cause doubt

    In general, the Unified State Exam is exclusively an exam for discipline and the ability to sit alone for hours with textbooks and problem books. So, alas, there are a lot of exam options to solve. Personally, I think the following scheme is the most effective:

    • Before starting grade 11, understand what exams you will take. Try to make sure that there are no more than four of them (basic math doesn't count)

    • Forget about school, but not completely. Immediately understand which teachers can give you something useful for the exam, and which ones can't. Try to meet with the latter only if absolutely necessary

    • Think through your training strategy. You can't prepare for any exam without an experienced mentor. Understand whether your school teacher will be able to provide the necessary material in a high-quality manner, check essays on time and competently, and whether this will be enough for you. If not, don't be afraid to use the help of a tutor. At least a student (this is almost always enough), better, of course, an exam expert

    • Every weekday, take 2-3 hours a day to prepare for exams. The mechanism is as follows: in parallel, study the course material and decide on options (this is important, you need to solve a lot of them). In studying the material, you need to select only what is useful to you. Ask your mentor (teacher, tutor, or one-hundred-point student) what to read. Remember-more is better

    • Turn rest into preparation. There are a lot of entertaining and educational videos on YouTube that you can turn on while lying on the couch. Both prepare and relax at the same time

    • Have a good rest on Friday and Saturday evenings

    • Sleep at night

    • Think of the beautiful

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