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  1. In addition to the answers that lie on the surface, the main thing is not to lose what makes you actively live, and this is love, true love, based on the energy of life, which is the strongest feeling. Love begins with interest, increases with participation, manifests itself in service, and is fully expressed through sacrifice – through suffering, the energy of life, work, and life itself. Serving the true interests of the object of love.

    With age, a person becomes less and less popular with his relatives and friends, dear people pass away, life fades with them, and there comes a blurring, fatigue, a feeling of loss of strength, disappointment…The cells of the body begin to rapidly collapse, renewal does not occur, and the mechanism of death is activated.

    How to win it? Only love, NO! there's no other way. Here it is given to all, take it, and do not say that they asked, but did not give it to you: How to awaken your consciousness.

  2. The best answer to this question is the book “Memory does not change” by Angel Navarro. A brief and clear description of memory and the processes of memorization. There is also a set of exercises.

  3. ALICE GARASHCHENKO's answer is very accurate. To preserve memory and clarity of thinking, you need to use memory and thinking.

    It is believed that with age, a priori deterioration of mental abilities occurs. There are many studies that suggest that the stereotype of the deterioration of mental abilities with age mainly affects the deterioration of these abilities. In general, in old age, you do not need to put your life on the shelf, you need to continue to live, develop and learn.

  4. My great-grandmother died at the age of 98. In recent years, she moved slowly, could not see or hear well, but she thought better than many 60-year-olds.

    Every day she did such exercises: she remembered who was born and when (children-there were 9 of them, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren), counted the age difference (up to days).

    She reminded the whole family that, for example, today is the birthday of _ _ of __, congratulate him.

    We often played cards and she won.

    I think this is a good method.

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