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  1. It is better for girls to enter a penis through the clipboard in the address bar of your browser using the keyboard. And to be honest, the penis is introduced to girls in the vagina. You can certainly go to other places, but in the vagina-biologically correct.

  2. It's about girls, not women. It is correct to prepare it first, to excite it. Then pain is perceived as pleasure. To caress. To kiss. Whisper. It should be relaxed. The entrance must be wet. Enter gradually, feeling the girl. Increasing the pressure. The first time, you will probably find it difficult to restrain yourself. Then it will go by itself, according to the situation. Most likely, you will lose control of yourself, so feelings can overwhelm you.

    It is better to protect yourself in advance. I don't think she has a goal of getting pregnant the first time.

    Success. Take care of your girlfriend. Good luck to you.

  3. First of all, stock up on condoms. Preferably with an antiseptic lubricant. The partner should make sure that the lady relaxes as much as possible while lying on her back. Before the first injection, the partner should sharply bend her knees and wrap her legs around the man's torso. The tip of the penis should press against the center of the vagina. In the first days of dating, it is not recommended to enter the penis completely. The vagina has not yet adjusted to you, and pain may occur.

  4. We write “penis”. I'll write it now so that you can copy and paste it right away.

    the penis

    Next, insert these words, select the desired girl in the chat and press the enter button.

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