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  1. From the experience of preparing for the Unified State Exam: I can recommend Baranov's social studies textbook. Everything is written briefly and in the form of tables. The entire school curriculum for this subject is presented in a systematic way, which makes its use convenient and understandable.

    I hope this helps 🙂 I can't say anything about other items.

  2. interneturok.ru�
    Lessons in all subjects are conveniently divided by topic in textbooks. I recently used this site to refresh my school knowledge. Good luck!

  3. During the 10-month preparation for the engineering exam, I made a serious schedule of theoretical, practical and repetitive classes. For the material, I will only recommend Vygodsky's book, prepare well in mathematics, for the rest – I don't know, alas.
    Just self-discipline, send away your friends, girlfriends, beer on the bench. Only then will you achieve your goal. Like me. Good luck!

  4. khanacademy.com

    True, the American education system is also available in English, but there is no less or more stupid content than before the Russian education program, since the system is always supplemented and improved. Because of the interactivity, you can sit for hours and go far beyond the curriculum and realize that self-education is many times more effective than regular education.

    If you do not know English, then there is also a program for junior classes.;)

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