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  1. Go to the doctor. At a minimum, they will help you understand yourself and give you the right direction for further development. Until you solve all the problems in yourself, you will continue to suffer. Going to a psychiatrist/psychotherapist/psychologist is not a shame. There is no need to suffer so much,

  2. Help someone. There are a lot of people, animals, other creatures or objects in the world that are now much worse off than you. You can always find them. And start helping them. Anything you can do. And help until you're blue in the face. With all my might. Feed those who are dying of hunger. Keep the freezing ones warm. Say a kind word to someone who has decided that this will never happen again. Find out that there is a lot of trouble, grief and evil in the World. And try to do something about it. Help this World become a better place. So you can help yourself. All the best.

  3. The most important thing is to choose a specific schedule for yourself. For example, in the morning, no matter how hard it is on the soul and physically – get up and put yourself in order. For a guy – it's shaving, for a girl – makeup. Then force yourself to go out to the store every day. Buy something just to walk around the city. Then think about what can bring at least some emotions. for example, buy yourself a watch, new shoes, anything in general. These are the ways you can start crawling out of depression. Well, then – gym, work, hard-to-achieve goal, etc.

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