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  1. Breathe in a bag or in the palm of your hand

    An excess of carbon dioxide in the body will make you feel better, but not for long

    Sometimes this method helps me to cope with the usual headache

  2. If you need to stop an attack, there is a magic rule of “three T's” – darkness, silence, warmth. Tie the head with a dry heated towel or scarf and eliminate irritating factors.

    The second option is a very long walk, but the head should again be warm.

    If we are talking about a real migraine, it is better not to drink antispasmodics, in most cases they will only aggravate the situation. Migraines have nothing to do with spasms

  3. For migraines, acupuncture is good. There are studies that show that it causes the brain to form new reflex circuits, as a result of which pain is perceived less acutely. In addition, there is evidence that acupuncture and acupressure can stop a migraine attack if it is just beginning.�

    If you can not come to the procedure, you can try to make an ice compress or pour cold water over your head. This often helps, but it is important to be careful: a sharp drop in intracranial pressure can harm the retina if it is weak, so it is better to start such a douche from the forehead and eye area.�

    And, of course, it is important to monitor what causes migraine attacks, and try to eliminate this factor. A specific product, smell, bright light, long exposure to the sun – anything can be the cause, and if you are prone to migraines-it is important to try to find a connection between the attacks and a specific stimulus. It exists in the vast majority of cases.

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