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  1. Testosterone. Why do you need to raise it? If you are a male, an overabundance of” male ” harmon will lead to early baldness and premature wear of some internal organs.
    However, if necessary: first of all – a healthy varied diet (there are suggestions for product categories, namely-seafood; nuts; overseas root vegetables-ginger, zhen-shen; bee honey), which should contain the necessary trace elements (vitamins of groups B and D are very important).
    Secondly, you need a good night's sleep. It is during sleep that the most important endocrine processes of the body occur.
    Thirdly, regarding physical exercises, I note that the main increase in harmon is given by quadriceps ruptures – swing the lyakhs, gentlemen.
    In conclusion, I would like to add that for medical reasons, the use of harmonic therapy is possible.
    P. S.
    Love yourself, men!

  2. As far as I know, sex on the contrary does not contribute to increasing testosterone. Some athletes are not recommended to do it before the competition, as sports aggressiveness and the will to win will be lower. A good night's sleep is needed not only to increase testosterone, but also for normal function and metabolism in the body. Strength training is the best way to increase testosterone levels. It is also very important to follow a proper diet, sweets do not increase testosterone, but the abundance of fruits and vegetables in the diet will have a positive effect on its level.

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