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  1. With questions about being. Who am I? Why am I here? Where are we from? Why does the world work this way and not otherwise? You can also read books about philosophy, but without practice, it will be a waste of time. You will work with sections of philosophy, especially logic.

    By the way, after the Greek and subsequent philosophers, it will be interesting to get acquainted with Muslim philosophers, as they continued to study philosophy and began to develop it at a time when philosophy was stagnating in Europe. Avicenna, Ibn Arabi, and Mullah Sadr are philosophers.

  2. To get a better idea, read Justine Gorder's book “The World of Sofia”. An amazing book that will introduce you to the concept of philosophy, its history, famous philosophers, and, in addition, entertain you with an interesting plot.

  3. You can start with a series of questions to yourself – ” who am I?”, ” what's going on?” and “how is this even possible?”. Don't be afraid to answer the questions yourself. See other people's answers, how nature answers these questions, compare them, and find patterns… in general, if you like the process, then this will be an introduction to the love of wisdom.

  4. Plato's “State”.�You can start with this.

    And so start in order, knowledgeable ancient Greek philosophers, for example, with Aristotle and Plato. Read their ideas briefly, then evaluate their main works (at least 1 book each). Then you can go to the philosophical schools in Ancient Greece: cynics, skeptics, sophists, Epicureans, and Stoics. �
    This will help you further understand the works of European philosophers. In parallel (with other Greece) , you can begin to get acquainted with the philosophy of the ancient Eastern countries-China and India.�
    And then you will get a taste and know for yourself what you will be interested in reading.

  5. I would start with the great works of philosophers to begin to understand the terminology. The first time you read something, you may only understand a small part of it, but the deeper you go into the forest..

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